Saturday, June 23, 2007

Playing Catch up

WOWZER!!! So I have left you all in suspense.... I am now in week 21 and let me tell you I have not even see the weeks pass by. It would be a lie to tell you that I remember everything about the last couple of weeks but I will get you updated on what I can remember.
I have just finished up school and let me tell you that has been such a relief. My anatomy class was one of the most challenging classes I have taken and I am proud to say I have passed it!!! (One down 2 more to go) I am also happy the baby is still healthy after all the Disecting and chemicals I played around with. I only have 2 more classes to take and I will have completed my pre-requisites for nursing school. I am ALMOST THERE!!!
Another big thing that has happened to me is.... I finally got my 60 day notice at work. For those of you that didn't know about a year ago our company was advised that they were outsourcing our jobs over seas. We have been waiting for a whole year for a set date and I finally got it. My last day at convergys will be Sept 1st! I was a little nervous at first because that is right before ehave the baby. But my work is not going to dispute unemployment and they are giving us a retention bonus so I think we will be okay. Plue I will get to be home for at least 6 months with the baby! That will be exciting.
So as you can see life has been hectic. The baby is doing great and squirming around like crazy. I just had my doctors appointment On friday June 22nd and we scheduled my ultrasound for July 9th. I was a little surprised that my doctor wanted to do it so late ( I will be almost 24 weeks by then) But she told me I will appreciate it because the baby will be bigger and I will see more. She also gave us the paperwork for a 4D ultrasound. They wil make a 30 minute video and you will be able to see facial expressions and everything. I would love to get this done so we can send it to edwin's family. She also said our insurance would cover it so that is GREAT! We have purchased a crib and a bunch of baby things and the baby room is looking more and more like a reality. I can't wait to find out what the sex is so we can start buying pink or blue clothes.
The only symptoms I have been experiencing are MAJOR Allergies... my doctor told me I can take sudafed and benadryl ( spelling) but I am popping those things like Candy and I think I am becoming immune... UGH! Edwin just tells me that it is God's way of teaching me to be mad at my kids. ( I guess it will give me leverage when they are teens.. hehe) Other than that I have been blessed with this pregnancy.

Thank you LORD for everything you are dong in our little family here. I could not be any more blessed right now. Thank you for the time that you are giving edwin and I together and for the Love that we have. We can't wait for the miracles you have in store for us!