Saturday, May 7, 2011

Months 4 and 5 - Feisty little thing!

So here we are at 6 months! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Time is whirling by and I barely have time to brush my teeth! Chileshe is growing so fast, I try not to blink because I feel like I am missing out!

At her four month check-up she weighed 17.9 lbs (I am terrible at remembering her length so I will update that later). At this stage Malaika weighed about 15 lbs so Chileshe has already outgrown all the clothes Malaika was wearing at this time. That is not a huge problem EXCEPT all of the clothes I have that fit her now are sun dresses. Where are you sun!? Come on' work with me here!
Oh well, my friends at Gap have been having some nice sales so she is definitely not going without.

Chileshe is still a gentle spirit, but some of that personality is shining through and I have observed some feisty-ness! (I have NO idea where she gets it from) She WILL let you know if she is not happy about something. And she WILL let you know if she would like to have a bottle or a diaper change. No, miss Chile is not a shy one. Unless, you are a stranger and you say hello to her, she will bury her head into my shoulder and then peak out to see if you are still looking. She is still one amazing little girl!

Here are some of the things she is doing
  • Smiling - She is such a happy baby. She wakes up with a smile. I think this is one of my top ten moments with her. When I wake her up in the morning she will have a fussy face with her eyes closed, but the moment she opens her eyes and see's you this HUGE grin breaks out and she is all smiles from that moment on.
  • Sisterly bond- Am I allowed to say that I am jealous of my own daughters? The bond that they have is so strong! I have a feeling they are going to team-up against me in the future so I will soak up all the sweet giggles and the ticket into the club Malaika calls "The GIRLS" Chileshe is smitten with her sister. When she walks into the room her face lights up and she starts smiling and kicking. MAlaika can make her laugh by blowing in her face or saying a funny word. I try for hours to get a giggle and it takes malaika 5 seconds. LOL What an amazing friendship they have ahead of them.
  • Rolling Rolling rolling... In the 4th month she had just figured out how to tip herself from belly to back. By the end of the fifth month she can roll from the living room to the kitchen and back. If she see's a toy she can roll to it and turn to get it. She did pop up onto her knee's one time but her face implanted into the carpet and her but wiggled in the air. It was hilarious! I have the house semi-baby proofed.
  • She is eating rice cereal and so far we have tried carrots, peas, green beans, mango's, and watermelon puree.
  • Her favorite snack is a rice rusk and an ice cube in the little net holder thingy-ma-jig
  • She grunts
  • She is wearing 6-12 and 9 month clothing . There are a few funny memories to remember with her clothing. We had to cut her out of one dress. It was a little tough to get on and I could not imagine what it would be like to get her out of it so we snipped it down the middle. Ha! And another night I was zipping up a sleeper and the zipper broke. Poor baby!
  • She is sleeping fairly well. She likes to take little nibbles on her bottle throughout the night. I need to find a way to break this. If you do not give her a nibble when she wants it she YELLS. (it is a yell, not a scream or a whine, a YELL!)
  • She is still sleeping with me. This is one thing I can say that I am HORRIBLE at. Edwin is currently sleeping on the floor in Malaika's room. She still gets up at least once a night so he finds it easier to stay in there and direct her back into her bed to sleep. Chileshe and I sleep in the "big bed" together. She was doing okay sleeping in her bassinet until she started rolling over. I was getting less sleep because I was constantly finding her on her belly and was too scared. In the bed she does not roll over completely. One difference for her is she does not really like to be snuggled. She liked her binky and her giraffe and her blanket and she is good.
  • She rolled to her binky on the floor the other day and fell asleep right there! AMAZING! Edwin and I laughed and said she will probably be the quiet one who we will find asleep underneath the bed or right by the toy box with toys in her hand. Malaika was NEVER like that so that is a fun difference to notice between them.
  • SHE SAID MAMA! And I have the video to prove it!
She is an amazing and beautiful little girl. Can't wait to see what God has in store for her feisty personality!