Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chileshe Mwango ~12 months old~

Chileshe is a MANY things:
~ Smart
I could go on and on and on!

I am amazed everyday by her smile and her sensitivity to what others are feeling. She is very observant and has a BIG heart for her sister. If Malaika is crying, Chile is crying. If Malaika is laughing, Chile is laughing. She follows her around all day long and wants to do exactly what her big sister is doing. The relationship they have is so amazing and I am praying everyday that it will only get stronger as the years progress.

Chileshe turned 1 on November 2 2011 and we celebrated with a piece of pie that Grandma and Appa Lee brought over. She was a little nervous to touch it at first but as soon as she tasted the whip cream there was no turning back. By the time her big sisters birthday came on the 8th she was able to sing the happy birthday song with us. "Hap BIR Hap BIR".

She still has her feisty side. I have mixed feeling about this feisty-ness. On one hand I love it because she can hold her own.
While at the children museum the other day she made a 3 year old little boy cry. (I know I shouldn't laugh but...HAHA) She stole his toy from him and ran away, when he tried to get them back she smacked him. Poor boy didn't have a chance. I stood back and watched the whole thing play out. I was SHOCKED! I tried to hold back my laughter as I apologized to the little boy and mom and re-directed her to another area. It is nice to know she is going to have the confidence to take care of herself in stressful situations. She is not a pushover in any sense.
The part that makes me nervous is that she is only one and already starting that independent streak. There are two words she uses strongly; NO and MOMMY. Nice right? She is also pretty rough when it comes to playing with other kids. (Malaika has some scratch scars on her face to prove it.) I try to discipline her, as much as you can discipline a one year old, I know eventually she will use that feisty side for good. I just feel for the poor casualties a long the way.

Here are some of the things she is saying and doing now that she is 12 months;
* Walking
* Running
* Twirling - she tries to mimic what Malaika is doing and ends up walking in a very slow circle. It is SO CUTE! She has this look on her face like she is going so fast! haha
* She likes to put her head on the ground while in the standing position. She peaks at us between her legs and giggles.
* When she laughs, she slaps her leg.
*She almost ALWAYS says thank you when you giver her something. She also says Thank you after you sneeze.
*She can say Laika, mommy, daddy, appa lee, "mama" for grandma, and I think she said grandpa the other day but she has not repeated it yet.
*She can also say; puppy, kitty, pretty, num nums, up, down peas, mickey, minnie, no, YAY, Hap BIR, Bye bye, no no, Fish, Mooooo
*She loves books and has two that are her favorite. I love how her face lights up when I open the front cover. She gets a big grin every time.
* Her favorite cartoon character is Minnie mouse. She also like Sid the science kid
* She was 30lbs 6 oz at her last apt.
* She is off formula now and drinking 2 percent milk
* She can pretty much eat anything. She LOVES grapes, beans, and Chicken breast.
* When I get the camera out she will stop and look at it and make this weird scrunched up face. LOL
* She is now sleeping in her own bed in her own room! AMAZING! I have so much more free time now that I don't have little people in my bed. Hopefully we will be just as strong with our next baby girl.

Oh yeah, did you know I was pregnant? HA! Due February 18th 2012. I guess as time progresses I get more and more behind on my blog. I will not blog about her pregnancy BUT I will blog about the delivery. Are you ready for the name? We decided on it awhile ago but Edwin forbid me from posting it on facebook. I have been good so far but it is getting harder to just call her "baby" when she has such a cool name!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Drum roll>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Temweni Arianna Mwango

We are going to call her "Weni" (which sounds like Winnie)
Her name is a Bemba name (Edwin's tribe) and it means happiness.
I LOVE IT! We went with Arianna because both f the girls have A middle names.
Malaika Aiyanna
Chileshe Amyra
Temweni Arianna


Well, I am sure I could go on and on but I better close before the kiddo's wake up!
~Tata for now~