Thursday, April 5, 2007

Week 9 - complicated

This morning I woke up around 4:20 to get ready for work and I went into the bathroom. I discovered that I was bleeding. Not a lot of blood just spotting like at the beginning or end of your period. Kindof pinkish brown. So I got scared and called for edwin. Luckily my mom is here and she was able to calm me down. So we went to the emergency room and they saw me right away. They looked at my cervix and said that the blood was just below it. It was a tiny little blood clot that she was able to clean up with just one q-tip. She said that there was no sign that the cervix was open and they put a catheder in and tested my urine. everything came out okay. They also did a blood test and found that I have an RH negative factor in my blood which meant that I had to get a shot (of something I do not know the name of but you can look it up online) I guess what this blood factor does is if crossed with the RH plus (which the baby might have) Then your body could start poducing antibodies against furture babies. It will not efect this pregnancy but i would effect furture pregnancies. So I have to have a shot now and then when I deliver. this shot is supposed to stop the signal to your body to create anti-bodies. So I came home and did not go to work and laid down all day. Then around 5:30 this evening I started to bleed again. UGH! So I called the OB dept and the doctor said this is normal and I should relax and come in first thing in the morning. she told me if I start to bleed heavy with clots then I should come to the emergency room ASAP.. SO I am siting here trying to keep my mind off of it but I decided I would Blog so that I would have this to remember.
Please pray for us!

Thank you Lord for this day and for everything you are doing in me. Lord I pray that you would prepare me for whatever your ultimate plan is. I pray that I would have a healthy pregnancy and that my health will stay strong. I thank you for this blessing of life and I pray that you would keep me strong during his hard time. Love you Lord

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Getting started

Well I decided after reading Kylee's blog today that I needed to start keeping track of my pregnancy. I don't want to forget these precious moments! So let me start off by getting you caught up to where I am today.

Finding out~
I had promised Edwin that I would stop buying pregnancy test because they were getting too expensive and I would always get my hopes up and then they would come crashing down. We had been trying for a baby since mid December and I was to the point where I wanted to stop thinking about trying and just let life happen naturally without the stress of waiting until the end of the month to find out if it was a yes or a no.
I was heading home from work and I was thinking about hen my last period was... I was about 3 days late from my quick calculation. I decided o pull into Fred meyer and buy just 1 box of tests. Then I could stop thinking about it and focus on finals and life that was happening around me. I went home and opened the box and waited for what seemed like a lifetime for the little lines to show up. I had bough a test that I had never used before and this one showed a plus sign if pregnant or a negative sign if not. I saw the plus and about fainted. My heart started racing and all of these questions rose in my mind. Am I really ready for this? ( like if I wasn't I could take it back..LOL) Edwin was still at work and I was panicked. I had no one else to look at the test and confirm and I could not wait for another hour for him to get home and look at it. So I called my friend Sarah St. John from work and I was like, "Uh Sarah, If there is a plus sign am I prego?" She was so calm and was like, "Well, depending on the test YES!!" I started freaking out...LOL So she calmed me down and said to take another test when I could and then let her know.
When Edwin got home I showed him he test and he of course asked me if I was sure and if I read he box right. hehe.. I had made sure to drink lots and lots of water and we took another test. This also had a plus but one line was very faint. So off to the store we went to get the tests I was used to, first response, I took another test and BAM 2 lines like magic appeared in the little box. At that point I called the local urgent care and they told me that since I had three positive test there would be no need for me to come in and confirm.
I had such a hard time concentrating that night (Wednesday, February 28th 2007) is the day I found out I was about 5 weeks pregnant. (My last period started on Saturday, January 27th 2007)
the next morning I woke up and took the last test I had left in the box and o course it was positive. I have not taken one since.. surprisingly LOL

Week 6~
I had a lot of cramping this week. My mom said that was normal and I shouldn't worry unless I start to bleed. It is ironic that something is growing inside of me. I am having such an out of body experience. I have not experienced any morning sickness, however, DO NOT bring tuna around me. I can't stand it. I also could not eat eggs this week.

Week 7~
This week I made my first doctors appointment. It is April 10th @ 2:15. I m so excited!!! It is going o be my 11th week so I should be able to hear the heartbeat. This week went by so fast. I had finals and we moved to our new apartment. I tried to not lift to much and with the "General" AKA My mama around she wasn't letting me do anything. I am soooo thankful for the people that helped us out. We had about 13 people help us and I could not have done it without them!
This week edwin put his head on my stomach and started talking to the baby. It was cute! He claims they have a special cell phone that they can use and he always uses the saying "The network with the fewest dropped calls." This makes me laugh so hard which obviously makes him and he baby lose connection. I love it! I am feeling so tired this week and a little emotional. No sickness YET HOORAY!

Week 8~
This week was a rough one I had a little bit of morning sickness (no throwing up) But I felt like it. I also had MAJOR hunger growls in my stomach. I am so sick of food though. I try not to think about what I am going to eat because that usually makes me feel sick. I also am trying to eat 5 small meals a day.. which I find hard to do but I am trying to eat healthy. Edwin and I have also been going on a lot of walks and I am trying to make a point to stay as active as possible.
I am still tired but Edwin has been VERY understanding and letting me take naps and relax. He also gives the BEST back massages EVER!

This catches us up to WEEK 9 Which is the week I am currently in. I will post later on this since I have not had a chance to experience how I am feeling this week. I will close by saying this has been the most amazing experience. I love the thought that I am going to have a child. A precious baby that will look up to me and Love us. I hope and pray that Edwin and I will be great parents!

Thank you Jesus for this Blessing. I Pray that you would make me strong I pray that mine and Edwin's relationship will only get better from here and that we can share your love with our precious baby. We submit to you Jesus and thank you for all you have done for us in our lives. We love you and can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!