Tuesday, May 27, 2008


6 month check-up- Feva!

Malaika had her 6 month check-up last week and it went.. okay
Her stats were:
Weight: 19 lbs 6 oz
Length: 28 inches long
He said that her head is pretty big for this age (This cracked me up) But he said it is proportionate to the rest of her body. She is currently in the 95 percentile. So she is still looking like she will be over 6 feet.

I had a few things I wanted the doctor to check on.
*She has been rubbing her ears so much that they have been bleeding so I wanted him to check and see if she had and ear infection/ she doesn't! YAY! He said that it may be her way of discovering her ears.
* Separation anxiety- She has been having a hard time when I am not around. Poor Edwin, every time I leave she cries the whole time I am gone. The doc said it is normal and by the time she is 2 or 3 she will become a daddy's girl! He just said to keep trying and eventually she will come around.

Her shots went okay this time. She only had to have 2 pokes and she made it through them ok. Later that evening she was really irritable and just cried and cried. I checked her temp and she was 101.3. I gave her some tylenol and we all went to bed. around midnight her fever had spiked to 102.7 so I called the advise nurse. They said that if it reached 104 to take her to the emergency room but for now just give her some more tylenol and a wet washcloth. By morning the fever was 100.9 and then it went down throughout the day. It was scary to see her like that though. We have been lucky so far and I have not had to deal with a fever or sickness. she looked so sad just sitting there and she felt like a furnace. We made it through ans she is back to her normal self now!

Monday, May 5, 2008

trying to crawl

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Malaika and Mwila