Saturday, July 28, 2007


Yesterday (Friday July 27) I was scheduled for another ultrasound. This time they wanted me to do the ultrasound at Emmanuel Hospital because they have better equiptment. I was a little nervous going in because there are two reasons why they send people to Emmanuel (or this is what I was told) #1. they send you there if you have multiples and #2 if you are a high risk pregnancy. Soooo with me being a worry wart I was a little nervous. The sonographer was a really nice guy. He made sure to explain everything to us and wanted to make sure I was really comfortable. He zoomed in on Malaika and the first thing he said was, "Well if this is not a girl then I should not be a sonographer." LOL He took some really great picks of her feet and hands. When he was finished the Doctor came in and he did his own check. It was so cool because as soon as he finished he grabbed a different wand (or probe whatever you call those) and he zoomed right in on the baby's face it was SOOO COOL! He was using a 4D ultrasound wand and the baby's face was so clear. He even printed us a picture (which was not as good as seeing it in person but SO CUTE) He said that the baby is fine from head to toe and that my due date was November 4th. So everything is on track and going smoothly. My next appointment is August 10th and they wil be doing my diabetes test at that appointment.
So there is the update... I will TRY to be better about this blog in the weeks to come.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Week 25- kicks!

Well, I was going to write about week 25 tonight after my ultrasound (and I still will) But there was a part I did not want to forget about. This week was so exciting! Sunday was the first day that Edwin has felt the baby move. It was actually the first day that I felt the movement on the outside of my belly. We were in bed Sunday morning watching TV and I had my hand on my stomach. All of a sudden I felt a ball in my hand.. LOL I actually jumped because it felt so weird. So Of course I was like, "EDWIN!!!!" He came and put his hand on my stomach and after a few minutes he felt a little kick! He was excited and kept his hand there for a few more rounds. Monday and tuesday I started being a worry wart because I did not feel the baby move. I try to not get worried or paranoid but it is hard sometimes. I also scheduled my ultrasound appointment at Emmanual hospital for Friday at 1:00. They said I would not have to drink any water so I was SOO thankful for that. Wed was my 22nd Birthday and it was such a nice day! Edwin got me some flowers and promised we would go get pedicures together this weekend. He is also going to get me some maternity clothes but he knows that I am picky so he is going to take me with him.. hehe
My mom got me the new Mama Bee stuff from burts bee that is supposed to be good for stretching and leg cramps. she also got me shampoo and a tank top which I LOVE! Then Susanna and Her boyfriend Vu came over for dinner and they got me a candle and chapstick and CHOCOLATE!!! I think I ate to much sugar that day and the baby was moving around like crazy.. so that took away any fears I had the previous 2 days.
THEN.. yesterday we were watching TV and I was laying on my side on the couch. All of a sudden I saw my stomach jump! LOL it is the weirdest feeling especially when you feel it and see it! Of course I called for edwin to come over and sure enough she did it for him too! He thought it was cool. LOl Then mom came over to look and .. NOTHING .. HAHAH Mom has yet to feel her move. She seems to calm down whenever Grandma walks by. hehe
Today is my ultrasound and my mom is going with me because edwin wants to save his time off for when the baby is here. Sooo I will post more tonight or this weekend about what the ultrasound was like.

Monday, July 23, 2007


The month of July
A lot has happened this month and when I came back to see how far behind I had got on my blog I was surprised to see how many weeks had passed. BUT at least I will have a lot of stuff to share with you.

WEEK 22 - The first week of July was my 22nd week in pregnancy… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! This week was very busy but so much fun! We did not do much for the fourth of July. Edwin and I both had the day off and were pretty exhausted from work and we had a big weekend ahead of us… so we decided to just spend the day at home BBQ’ing and watching movies. The next day I worked from 5:00 am to 1:30 and then went home and packed and picked up Edwin from work downtown. We Hit the road! July 7th was one of my best friend’s weddings!!! We were so excited to go see Shanti and Darren get married and catch up with them. (As much as you can catch up with the bride and groom) Edwin and I stayed in LaGrande on Thursday night with my dad (which was my last night to spend in the house in union... *Tear* my dad has sold the house) and then we headed to Boise on Friday. We stopped at my grandparent’s house in Vale and had lunch with them and then headed off to Boise. It was a lot of fun to go there because Edwin had never been to Idaho. He did however cross it off of his list of places to live. It was WAY TO HOT for us. It was 110! The next day was Shanti and Darren’s wedding and it was BEAUTIFUL! They make such a cute couple and you can tell they are VERY much in love with each other. We had to leave the reception a little early because we had to get back to lagrande for another wedding by 6:00. My dad’s girlfriends daughter (bear with me lol) was getting married in Cove. Their wedding was also beautiful and it was so relaxing to sit up on the mountain with the nice COOL air and the mountain views. I miss Union county! I was surprised how easy it was to do all the traveling I only had to pee a couple of times! LOL
As far as the baby goes this week I have a little more movement but not anything I can feel on the outside yet. Edwin is waiting for the day when he can feel the baby move. No big cravings this week.

Week 23-
We got back on Sunday night from LaGrande and I slept SOOO good that night! We cranked up the air conditioner and had a nice dinner and went to bed. Monday July 9th was our big ULTRASOUND to find out the sex of the baby. I made the appointment at 6:00 PM so Edwin could be there and I was sooo excited! We both made bets on what we thought it would be and as always Edwin was right! We are having a GIRL!!! The ultrasound tech was very nice and explained each step to us. The baby was breech so she was having a VERY hard time getting any pictures. After an hour and a half she decided to call it quits and see if we could re-schedule. The ultrasound images we got to take home are VERY hard to see what it is we are looking at. ( I will try to post them this week) But the image that you get on the TV Monitor is so amazing! The baby was wiggling around and flipping over. It is so weird to think that you and your husband created this little living thing. My next appt was scheduled for the 20th so I would have to wait a week and see what the doctor thought of the pictures.
After I found out we were having a girl I was sooo excited to go SHOPPING! I went on craigslist and found a lady who was selling her lil girls baby clothes. She had the CUTEST outfits from Gap and Old navy and polo. A lot of them still had the tags on them! She sold each piece at 1.00 each. I was so excited! When I brought all the clothes home Edwin looked at me and laughed ( he thought I had bought out a store) But it was so fun to buy lil pink things and picture the baby in them. We also found a changing table on craigslist and went to pick that up. Edwin sanded it and stained it the same color as the crib and cradle. The baby room is slowly coming together!
Also the name we have picked out is MALAIKA.. you will have to stay tuned for the middle name.

Week 24-
I am now at 6 months! I cannot believe how fast this summer is going by... The baby is moving a lot more in the early morning. I work at 5:00 am every morning and I am usually at work by myself until about 7:00 so during this time I am relaxed and not pre-occupied. The baby moves a lot and I am able to feel it a little on the outside now. The biggest craving I have is WATERMELON! I can eat a whole watermelon and not think twice about it! Edwin laughed at me the other day because I took this HUGE watermelon and cut it in half. He thought I was going to cut it into smaller pieces but instead I grabbed a spoon and stuck it in the center and carted it to the living room with me... hehe sometimes that is all I will eat for dinner because it sounds so good!
On Friday July 20th was my doctor’s appt and I was a little nervous to get on the scale… BUT I have only gained 10 pounds so far! HOORAY! The doctor was proud of me and told me to keep doing what I am doing... LOL I guess the watermelon is working out. She told me that she needed me to go back to the ultrasound tech and get some more photos taken. But she is sending me to another hospital because they have better equipment. So I am excited about that because I will get to see the baby again AND we will get better pictures! The doctor also said my Uterus is growing very fast so she will re-evaluate my due date. My mom said she thinks I am going to be having twins and that is why they are sending me back… I SAY NO! LOL
So I just need to wait until Monday and if the ultrasound dept doesn’t call I am supposed to call them to schedule my appt. So I will keep you all posted!
Edwin felt the baby move this weekend!!!!!!!! YAY! SHE (not THEY MOM!!) is finally kicking hard enough for him to feel! It was so cool to see his expression and he kept his hand on my tummy for awhile just to see if he would feel it again.
My friend Maria and my mom are busy planning the baby shower! It is going to be August 5th (before my work place closes so that all my co-workers can get together) it was fun to register and picture the baby room all set up! And I know Maria and my mom will have an AWESOME party for me! I want to have one in LaGrande as well so I can see all my old friends and church family but I am not sure I can plan one so far away. But if not I will have to bring the baby over so they can see her.
Well that is an up to date blog for you all! I hope you didn’t get too bored. I will post next week and let you know how the ultrasound appt goes. Hope you all have a wonderful week!