Friday, February 8, 2008

3 months old - a whole new world!

Malaika is now 3 months old!!!! Whoo hoo!!! The doctor promised me at her 2 week check-up that when she hit three months she would be a completely different baby. So we have hit that milestone and he was not lieing! This month was a serious roller coaster but it has had a happy ending. I will explain to you our journey....

At her two month checkup she had her shots She did great at the appointment and we had to keep an eye on her for the first 24 hours for side effects. We were a little nervous because my mom said that I had an allergic reaction to one of the shots when I was little. I told the doctor about it and he said that a lot has changed since I was a baby (Way to make me feel old! ) and that she should be fine but I needed to keep a special eye on her just in case.

She did great. BUT She was a little extra irritable. On friday my mom left for Kansas to go see my brother. Edwin and I were interested to see what life would be like without my mom helping us with the baby. On friday she slept really good all day long and then it was like a switch was turned and she just screamed the whole night. Poor edwin was here by himself with her because I had class. When I got home he was a little frazzeled so I thought I would take her and fix everything with my magical mom powers! YEAH RIGHT! She would be happy for a minute and then all of a sudden SCREAM! The neighbors really figured out that this baby has some lungs. I don't think either of us got any sleep that weekend. The rest of the week was pretty much miserable. Edwin was gone to work during the day and she was not a happy camper. On top of that I put her in her little snugli front pack so I could do some housework and I turned a corner and whopped her head on the door jam. She screamed I broke down in tears and just sat on the floor with her crying! Luckily she was not hurt and I just scared her. I even called the advice nurse crying because I felt so bad! she laughed and said that it happens to eveyone and I was not a bad mom.

By the endof the week my husband looked into my bloodshot eyes and told me he was going to use his OFLA and take the month of February off to help out with the baby and to help us all get on a schedule. I was sooo relieved! I needed a little break and some support to just get through the day with her. I could not believe how much she had cried. (I even left my mom some voicemails of just Malaika crying. LOL )

So friday night edwin picked up mom from the max station and they were both home! HALLELUJAH! I went to class a little blurry eyed but with the excitement that someone else would be there to help me out.

That night Edwin decided we needed to get her into a nice bedtime routine. We decided to feed her a nice warm bottle instead of breastfeeding her and then we laid her down in her cradle and turned on the mobile and walked away. (This was something we could NEVER do before. she would Scream and scream!) She was also not sleeping well in her cradle and slept next to me waking up every 2 hrs to 4 hours to eat.

Within minutes of setting her down she fell asleep! I hopped into bed and went to sleep right with her! She slept from 11 to 6! I kept wakingup checking on her to make sure she was alive!

From that night on she has been sleeping through the night! (Of course Edwin takes all the credit and says it is just because he is home) It has been AMAZING!

This is our typical night schedule

goes to sleep around 9 PM - this is when edwin and I hang out or study . She sleeps until around midnight and then I feed her and changed her diaper if needed. She will then sleep until around 6 (Sometimes she will wake up at 4 if she is hungry) I feed her and then bring her in bed with us and we all sleep until 9. that is when I get up and take a shower and she will continue sleeping until around 11.

Some nights are better than others but it is so nice to finally have a routine!

She has also been extremely happy when she is awake now. She smiles a lot more and is less irritable. She takes a 3 to 4 hour nap from 2 to 6 and then is ready to play again. I feel a lot more rested and relaxed.

Once she hit the three month mark we were thankful for what the doctor had told us earlier and we found out he was right!

Malaika is an amazing baby and she changes every day. when I look at her I see a destiny that God has laid out for her and I can't help but cry. God has blessed Edwin and I with this beautiful, Smart, sociable little baby and we just can't beleive how much she has changed our lives. I look forward to the days ahead and the special times we will get to share with her. I only hope that I can be a great role model to her and show her what life is all about.

Here are some of the things she is doing:

*Tummy time! She is still holding her head up really well. and can roll from her stomach to her back. She cannot roll from her back to her stomach yet

* She can actually sit up on the couch with out help but she is pretty wobbly if we sit her on the floor

* one bad thing... THRUSH! that stinkin stuff won't go away! but it is easier to deal with now

*SMILING BABY! It doesn't matter what you say or do she will smile at you. Edwin and I were having a little squabble the other day and she was looking from him to me and smiling this huge smile! We forgot what we were mad about and just laughed!

*She is starting to laugh - we really have to work for it! We tickle her and tickle her and she smiles really big and takesin air and then all of a sudden giggles! LOL she cracks me up

* we are feeding her rice cereal now. Not a lot but about a tablespoon at night so that her tummy will stay full longer.

* We bought her a jumper/exersaucer thing and she is able to stand in it and bounce around

* she is putting more pressure on her legs when she stands. sometimes I will let go and she will be standing by herself until she gets to excited and wobbles. Edwin and I laughed this morning. We were imagining a little baby like her walking around the house and decided she is to little and it would creep us out! LOL

* she is grabbing onto her toys and holding them for longer periods of time. She is also bringing the toys to her mouth

*We think she is teething already.. she drools like crazy and I put my finger in her mouth when she is upset and rub her gums and that calms her down and she chews on my finger. Also her gums have little bumps on them.

* She is talking A LOT! She talks to the TV when it is on. She loves Daddy time and they make TONS of noise when he is with her. I am trying to teach her how to say mommy! LOL she also likes to talk when I sing to her.

* SHE IS AMAZING and I LOVE her a lot!

* She sat on her first pony at a childrens fair I went to with Nicole. Nicole took the picture so as soon as she gets it to me I will post it.

Thats all I can think of for now but this has been a long blog.

Love ya'll