Friday, March 11, 2011

Months 2 & 3 - Oh that smile!

Month 2 and 3

Month 2 was a bit of a blur, I was finishing up my degree (and graduated!! Whoo hoo!) My brother came for a week to visit and see the girls and then it was Christmas and new years. WHIRLWIND!

Chileshe’s first Christmas was nice! She was so quiet Christmas eve when everyone was over that at times I forgot she was there! I kept saying, Oh yeah I have a new baby. LOL She is so calm and happy. She loved all the snuggles and her big sister liked opening double the presents!!

Chileshe looks SOOOO much like her sister. It is ridiculous! I think that is what we had the most fun comparing in these last few months. She is so much like her big sister but also SO unique and beautiful in her own way. Her features are much daintier than Malaika’s.

Malaika always had big lips and eyes and per her doctor a big head. Haha! Chileshe has the same features but smaller. Her lips are perfect and tiny, and I love how little her hands are. She also has a TON of hair. I can put the hair on the back of her head into a pony tail already.

I will make a quick list of things she is doing and things I want to remember;

Tummy time… I have NEVER seen a baby that loves tummy time like she does. She could lay there for an hour and still coo and watch her big sis. She is also very active on the floor. She has her head realing and moving from side to side. By the end of the third month she rolled over one time, just as quick as she rolled over she rolled right back on her tummy and has not done it since! (I was on the phone with my mom when she did it)

Drooling – She is a DROOL MONSTER! She doesn’t like to wear bibs so I just change her clothes at least twice a day. But that is not a huge problem since she has enough for 4 babies! I think she might teeth early because she is biting on everything.

Smiling – Yes the dimples are amazing, and YES she gets it from me! Haha! I love to see my babies smile. Chile has two big dimples on her cheeks and then two tiny ones on the corners of her mouth. She is JUST the cutest thing when she smiles.

Laughing – Edwin can get her to laugh so easily. I have to work really hard. He is definitely the “Play” parents while I am the “nurturing” one. They go to him for fun and to me when they need some snuggles

Sleeping – She is an amazing sleeper. If I sleep on the couch with her she can sleep for 8 to 10 hours. I was worried at first and would try to wake her up to feed her but I decided to just let it happen and try to sleep too. Edwin and I have decided that we are horrible at training our kids to sleep on their own. I just cannot do it yet! If I sleep without them I have so much anxiety that every noise I hear I wake up and check on them. We ALL sleep better if I sleep with her on my chest. But she is starting to move a little too much so I need to get over it soon. (stay tuned, for the fourth month, we are finally making progress) .

Eating – She loves her bottle. She is eating 4 oz bottles right now and about half and half formula and breast milk.

She is starting to reach out and grab things . She gets so determined and makes funny faces when she is focused.

Such an easy baby, I think we are ready for just one more!