Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chileshe Mwango ~12 months old~

Chileshe is a MANY things:
~ Smart
I could go on and on and on!

I am amazed everyday by her smile and her sensitivity to what others are feeling. She is very observant and has a BIG heart for her sister. If Malaika is crying, Chile is crying. If Malaika is laughing, Chile is laughing. She follows her around all day long and wants to do exactly what her big sister is doing. The relationship they have is so amazing and I am praying everyday that it will only get stronger as the years progress.

Chileshe turned 1 on November 2 2011 and we celebrated with a piece of pie that Grandma and Appa Lee brought over. She was a little nervous to touch it at first but as soon as she tasted the whip cream there was no turning back. By the time her big sisters birthday came on the 8th she was able to sing the happy birthday song with us. "Hap BIR Hap BIR".

She still has her feisty side. I have mixed feeling about this feisty-ness. On one hand I love it because she can hold her own.
While at the children museum the other day she made a 3 year old little boy cry. (I know I shouldn't laugh but...HAHA) She stole his toy from him and ran away, when he tried to get them back she smacked him. Poor boy didn't have a chance. I stood back and watched the whole thing play out. I was SHOCKED! I tried to hold back my laughter as I apologized to the little boy and mom and re-directed her to another area. It is nice to know she is going to have the confidence to take care of herself in stressful situations. She is not a pushover in any sense.
The part that makes me nervous is that she is only one and already starting that independent streak. There are two words she uses strongly; NO and MOMMY. Nice right? She is also pretty rough when it comes to playing with other kids. (Malaika has some scratch scars on her face to prove it.) I try to discipline her, as much as you can discipline a one year old, I know eventually she will use that feisty side for good. I just feel for the poor casualties a long the way.

Here are some of the things she is saying and doing now that she is 12 months;
* Walking
* Running
* Twirling - she tries to mimic what Malaika is doing and ends up walking in a very slow circle. It is SO CUTE! She has this look on her face like she is going so fast! haha
* She likes to put her head on the ground while in the standing position. She peaks at us between her legs and giggles.
* When she laughs, she slaps her leg.
*She almost ALWAYS says thank you when you giver her something. She also says Thank you after you sneeze.
*She can say Laika, mommy, daddy, appa lee, "mama" for grandma, and I think she said grandpa the other day but she has not repeated it yet.
*She can also say; puppy, kitty, pretty, num nums, up, down peas, mickey, minnie, no, YAY, Hap BIR, Bye bye, no no, Fish, Mooooo
*She loves books and has two that are her favorite. I love how her face lights up when I open the front cover. She gets a big grin every time.
* Her favorite cartoon character is Minnie mouse. She also like Sid the science kid
* She was 30lbs 6 oz at her last apt.
* She is off formula now and drinking 2 percent milk
* She can pretty much eat anything. She LOVES grapes, beans, and Chicken breast.
* When I get the camera out she will stop and look at it and make this weird scrunched up face. LOL
* She is now sleeping in her own bed in her own room! AMAZING! I have so much more free time now that I don't have little people in my bed. Hopefully we will be just as strong with our next baby girl.

Oh yeah, did you know I was pregnant? HA! Due February 18th 2012. I guess as time progresses I get more and more behind on my blog. I will not blog about her pregnancy BUT I will blog about the delivery. Are you ready for the name? We decided on it awhile ago but Edwin forbid me from posting it on facebook. I have been good so far but it is getting harder to just call her "baby" when she has such a cool name!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Drum roll>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Temweni Arianna Mwango

We are going to call her "Weni" (which sounds like Winnie)
Her name is a Bemba name (Edwin's tribe) and it means happiness.
I LOVE IT! We went with Arianna because both f the girls have A middle names.
Malaika Aiyanna
Chileshe Amyra
Temweni Arianna


Well, I am sure I could go on and on but I better close before the kiddo's wake up!
~Tata for now~

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Months 9 and 10 - She did not get the nickname "SASSY" for nothing.

Chileshe is growing up so fast! I do not have a lot of time to blog these days because she is keeping me on my toes. There are so many new things she is doing I will try to make a clear list so I can remember later.

* Let's explain this SASSY thing, We call Malaika "sissy" and Chileshe "sassy". The name rings true for my little sassy-pants. She has a mind of her own and at only 9 and 10 months she will let YOU know if she is not please. She does not throw a tantrum the way Malaika did with just some crying and throwing herself back. Oh no, Chileshe hits you square in the face if she can! She will pinch and pull and scratch and hit and SCREAM. Most of the time this happens when you take a toy away from her of remove her from and area she wanted to play in. Lately it is happening when we take food away that she has found on the floor. MY goodness this child is STRONG! I have many scratch marks to prove it. It is a little embarrassing when we are in public. I honestly had no idea how to discipline her at first. She is so young and didn't really understand the word "NO" at this point. So i would remove her from the situation and try to keep her at arms length so she could not reach me. We are working it out now and she seems to be doing much better, but WOW, this will be excellent blackmail to tell her kids later in life.

*She is talking a lot more. She can say; mama, (addy) for Daddy, (mamaw) for Grandma), up, puppy, baby, she just started saying thank you when we give her things, and she is starting to say Laika.

* She is eating anything and EVERYTHING. We actually have to control how much she eats because she doesn't seem to know when her stopping point is. She will eat until she throws up. She is having fewer bottles now and more grown-up food. She is not a big fan of baby food, but who can blame her. Her favorites so far are strawberries and grapes and chicken

* She is crawling all over the place! She can stand up from a sitting position and walk her way down the couch and through the hallway. As long as she has something to hold onto she is fine. I think she is strong enough to walk on her own, she just has not realized it yet. I think she will be walking by the end of next month for sure.

* Sleeping habits have been ever changing. We keep talking about training her to sleep on her own BUT we are WEAK! It seems like every time we try she is cutting a new tooth or not feeling well. Then I just feel guilty. The past three nights we have been working on breaking the "three bottle a night" habit. So far so good! She has a 2 oz. bottle before we go to sleep and then she has been waking up around 7:30 for an 8oz. and then she will sleep for another hour or so. She is a fantastic sleeper.

* At her 9 month check-up she weighed 27 lb and was 31 inches long

* She is giving LOTS and LOTS of hugs and kisses! I love the hugs she gives because she will snuggle up really close and then I will feel a tiny little pat on my back. THOSE are the moments I want to remember forever!

I will go ahead an post this already before she turns ONE! Can you believe it???

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Months 6, 7, 8 - growing and giggling

OH Chileshe, My sweet little dolly!

She is such a joy to have around. From the time she wakes up she is smiling from ear to ear.
I tried to break down this post into 6 months then 7 months then 8 months but I just could not remember what she was doing exactly in that month. SO here is what she is up to now-a-days;

*She is CRAWLING everywhere - in the 6th month she started pulling herself in an "army crawl". She was slow and steady and tired out really quickly. By 7 months, if the incentive was right (the remote, or iPhone on the floor) she would pick up the pace but always in an army crawl stance. This last month she has been popping up on her knees. I think she is starting to notice that she can move quicker if she is on her knees. She can catch up to Malaika in no time. Malaika likes to play chase with her now and runs away squealing and giggling until Chile catches her.

*Standing up (this has happened in the 8th month) - She can pull herself up from a sitting position to a standing position and then walk down the couch. I am thinking she is going to walk a little earlier than Malaika did. She has a little more incentive though, with her big sister running around all the time. The only problem she has is the ability to sit back down. She will stand until her little legs are shaking. poor baby!

* She says mama and sometimes she will say dada

* at her last appointment (6 months) she was 21 lbs

*she is wearing size 4 diapers and 12-24 month clothing - she is my little chunky monkey!

* She has SO much personality it is ridiculous. Whenever she hears music playing she will immediately stop whatever she is doing and start to dance and clap. If she is on her knees she will start bouncing and swaying her head back and forth. She loves to listen to Malaika sing and is such an attentive audience!

* She will wave goodbye and try to blow kisses

* I have been more nervous about introducing her to solid food BUT I know I need to be more diligent. She is VERY ready. Her favorite baby foods so far are squash and sweet potatoes. She also LOVES applesauce.

These past couple of months have been very busy, we announced that we are having another baby (gotta get started on that blog). We are VERY excited about that. We have also been battling sickness like CRAZY! Luckily we are on the mend and slowly getting back to our happy selves. Stay tuned for more Mwango updates!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Months 4 and 5 - Feisty little thing!

So here we are at 6 months! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Time is whirling by and I barely have time to brush my teeth! Chileshe is growing so fast, I try not to blink because I feel like I am missing out!

At her four month check-up she weighed 17.9 lbs (I am terrible at remembering her length so I will update that later). At this stage Malaika weighed about 15 lbs so Chileshe has already outgrown all the clothes Malaika was wearing at this time. That is not a huge problem EXCEPT all of the clothes I have that fit her now are sun dresses. Where are you sun!? Come on' work with me here!
Oh well, my friends at Gap have been having some nice sales so she is definitely not going without.

Chileshe is still a gentle spirit, but some of that personality is shining through and I have observed some feisty-ness! (I have NO idea where she gets it from) She WILL let you know if she is not happy about something. And she WILL let you know if she would like to have a bottle or a diaper change. No, miss Chile is not a shy one. Unless, you are a stranger and you say hello to her, she will bury her head into my shoulder and then peak out to see if you are still looking. She is still one amazing little girl!

Here are some of the things she is doing
  • Smiling - She is such a happy baby. She wakes up with a smile. I think this is one of my top ten moments with her. When I wake her up in the morning she will have a fussy face with her eyes closed, but the moment she opens her eyes and see's you this HUGE grin breaks out and she is all smiles from that moment on.
  • Sisterly bond- Am I allowed to say that I am jealous of my own daughters? The bond that they have is so strong! I have a feeling they are going to team-up against me in the future so I will soak up all the sweet giggles and the ticket into the club Malaika calls "The GIRLS" Chileshe is smitten with her sister. When she walks into the room her face lights up and she starts smiling and kicking. MAlaika can make her laugh by blowing in her face or saying a funny word. I try for hours to get a giggle and it takes malaika 5 seconds. LOL What an amazing friendship they have ahead of them.
  • Rolling Rolling rolling... In the 4th month she had just figured out how to tip herself from belly to back. By the end of the fifth month she can roll from the living room to the kitchen and back. If she see's a toy she can roll to it and turn to get it. She did pop up onto her knee's one time but her face implanted into the carpet and her but wiggled in the air. It was hilarious! I have the house semi-baby proofed.
  • She is eating rice cereal and so far we have tried carrots, peas, green beans, mango's, and watermelon puree.
  • Her favorite snack is a rice rusk and an ice cube in the little net holder thingy-ma-jig
  • She grunts
  • She is wearing 6-12 and 9 month clothing . There are a few funny memories to remember with her clothing. We had to cut her out of one dress. It was a little tough to get on and I could not imagine what it would be like to get her out of it so we snipped it down the middle. Ha! And another night I was zipping up a sleeper and the zipper broke. Poor baby!
  • She is sleeping fairly well. She likes to take little nibbles on her bottle throughout the night. I need to find a way to break this. If you do not give her a nibble when she wants it she YELLS. (it is a yell, not a scream or a whine, a YELL!)
  • She is still sleeping with me. This is one thing I can say that I am HORRIBLE at. Edwin is currently sleeping on the floor in Malaika's room. She still gets up at least once a night so he finds it easier to stay in there and direct her back into her bed to sleep. Chileshe and I sleep in the "big bed" together. She was doing okay sleeping in her bassinet until she started rolling over. I was getting less sleep because I was constantly finding her on her belly and was too scared. In the bed she does not roll over completely. One difference for her is she does not really like to be snuggled. She liked her binky and her giraffe and her blanket and she is good.
  • She rolled to her binky on the floor the other day and fell asleep right there! AMAZING! Edwin and I laughed and said she will probably be the quiet one who we will find asleep underneath the bed or right by the toy box with toys in her hand. Malaika was NEVER like that so that is a fun difference to notice between them.
  • SHE SAID MAMA! And I have the video to prove it!
She is an amazing and beautiful little girl. Can't wait to see what God has in store for her feisty personality!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Funny things Malaika says...

  • "Mommy, I wish I could walk on water with me SUPER feet!"
  • Laika: "Mommy , I am getting married tomorrow." Me: "Oh yeah? To who? Laika: I don't know his name. Me: Hmmmm.... Laika: Maybe it is JUSTIN BEIBER!!!! (followed by uncontrolable laughter)
  • Mommy, Can I have a sucker? Me: No honey it is almost time for lunch. Laika (blinking her eyes with a sweet smile, "But mommy, I am blinking!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


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Friday, March 11, 2011

Months 2 & 3 - Oh that smile!

Month 2 and 3

Month 2 was a bit of a blur, I was finishing up my degree (and graduated!! Whoo hoo!) My brother came for a week to visit and see the girls and then it was Christmas and new years. WHIRLWIND!

Chileshe’s first Christmas was nice! She was so quiet Christmas eve when everyone was over that at times I forgot she was there! I kept saying, Oh yeah I have a new baby. LOL She is so calm and happy. She loved all the snuggles and her big sister liked opening double the presents!!

Chileshe looks SOOOO much like her sister. It is ridiculous! I think that is what we had the most fun comparing in these last few months. She is so much like her big sister but also SO unique and beautiful in her own way. Her features are much daintier than Malaika’s.

Malaika always had big lips and eyes and per her doctor a big head. Haha! Chileshe has the same features but smaller. Her lips are perfect and tiny, and I love how little her hands are. She also has a TON of hair. I can put the hair on the back of her head into a pony tail already.

I will make a quick list of things she is doing and things I want to remember;

Tummy time… I have NEVER seen a baby that loves tummy time like she does. She could lay there for an hour and still coo and watch her big sis. She is also very active on the floor. She has her head realing and moving from side to side. By the end of the third month she rolled over one time, just as quick as she rolled over she rolled right back on her tummy and has not done it since! (I was on the phone with my mom when she did it)

Drooling – She is a DROOL MONSTER! She doesn’t like to wear bibs so I just change her clothes at least twice a day. But that is not a huge problem since she has enough for 4 babies! I think she might teeth early because she is biting on everything.

Smiling – Yes the dimples are amazing, and YES she gets it from me! Haha! I love to see my babies smile. Chile has two big dimples on her cheeks and then two tiny ones on the corners of her mouth. She is JUST the cutest thing when she smiles.

Laughing – Edwin can get her to laugh so easily. I have to work really hard. He is definitely the “Play” parents while I am the “nurturing” one. They go to him for fun and to me when they need some snuggles

Sleeping – She is an amazing sleeper. If I sleep on the couch with her she can sleep for 8 to 10 hours. I was worried at first and would try to wake her up to feed her but I decided to just let it happen and try to sleep too. Edwin and I have decided that we are horrible at training our kids to sleep on their own. I just cannot do it yet! If I sleep without them I have so much anxiety that every noise I hear I wake up and check on them. We ALL sleep better if I sleep with her on my chest. But she is starting to move a little too much so I need to get over it soon. (stay tuned, for the fourth month, we are finally making progress) .

Eating – She loves her bottle. She is eating 4 oz bottles right now and about half and half formula and breast milk.

She is starting to reach out and grab things . She gets so determined and makes funny faces when she is focused.

Such an easy baby, I think we are ready for just one more!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chile- 1 month - gentle spirit

Well, here we are at 16 weeks (4 months by my calculations but Edwin says we have to wait until February 2nd. Chileshe is growing and developing so fast I can hardly keep track.Here are the month break downs. I hope I can remember everything!

1 month -
This time was spent getting to now her and basically just watching her while she slept. It is amazing how much time you can kill just staring at a newborns face. They make so many cute faces and little grunts and coo's that you just want to remember every minute.
Adjusting to two kids was not as difficult as I thought it would be. My main concern before having Chileshe was that I would not know how to love her like I LOVE Malaika. I new that I would love Chileshe but I had such a connection with Malaika, she has been my sidekick for three years!!
As soon as Chileshe arrived though, there is this little compartment in your heart that grows and contains all the love you need! It is amazing and such a cool experience to love two little people as much as I love my girls!

Chileshe is such an easy baby. As a very new newborn she just needed snuggles and food and diaper changes. If she
cried you knew that one of those things were needed. The rest of the time she was sleeping and could even sleep in
her cradle during the day! (WHAT!?) I was dedicated to
breastfeeding this time around and really wanted to give it
a try. For the first 2 weeks I did breast milk only. She had weekly check-ups at the doctor and by the first check-up she had already lost to much weight. We had to continue to go to appointments twice a week until she gained back to her birth weight. They said I had to give her formula as well as breast milk. I was sad but not overwhelmed like I was with Malaika. I just decided to do my best and after two weeks she was back to her birth weight. Thank you Similac!
Her sleep schedule was fairly easy.
sleep from 5-9 - wake up eat and changesleep from 10-2 - wake up eat and change
sleep from 3-7 - wake up eat and change
sleep 8-10 - usually sister would wake up and
start making noise =0)

This was the first 4 weeks and she was also fairly easy to get back to sleep. The one thing I really noticed about her is her gentle spirit. She is SOOOO happy and easy. She did not have long drawn out cries and basically just calm all the time. We even took her to Red Robin for Malaika's family birthday dinner and papa's pizza for her friend party and she never cried once. Just slept... it was weird LOL

She was sooo tiny and dainty and BEAUTIFUL!

Malaika has adjusted so well and LOVES being mommy's helper. She is even willing to help with diaper changes. She gives Chile lots of kisses and loves to touch her face. She is such a good big sister!
The biggest adjustment for us has been WHERE to sleep. Malaika still sleeps in our "big" bed sometimes and we had tried to adjust her to her toddler bed before Chile came.
The first night home she was NOT okay sleeping in her toddler bed. She wanted in on all the action and baby "fun". SO I ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room with Chile and Malaika and Edwin sleep in the bed. (uh hmm... she is 4 weeks old and I am still sleeping on the couch.... We are sooo not good at the independent sleep thing)

I dream of a day when Edwin and I can sleep in our gigantic bed all to ourselves and dream sweet un-interrupted dreams... HA!

Stay tuned for month two, hopefully before she is a year old.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chileshe has arrived!!!

Chileshe’s Delivery (I know a little late)
We were scheduled to induce on the 2nd at 7:30 a.m. at Tuality Hospital. My doctor advised me when we set up the induction that she would most likely not deliver my baby unless the induction process was fat and I had the baby by 5 or 6 p.m. I was supposed to call the birthing center at 7 and let them know I was scheduled for 7:30 and they would let me know if there were any available beds. (This is the same thing we had to do for Malaika’s birth. ) I was prepared for them to tell me that there were no available beds and to call back around noon. That is exactly what happened. IMAGINE! Luckily I was prepared and did not have a freak out moment this time and I just hopped in the shower and went about my dad as usual. I knew they would get me in sooner or later. Around 11:30 we received a call and they asked if I could get in within the next 15 to 20 minutes. I loved it when the lady immediately said, “So I hear you want to have a baby today?” YES YES and YES!
Susanna had spent the night the night before so she could take care of Laika until my mom could get to the house. So we packed up the car and gave her hugs and kisses and off we went. Malaika was actually pushing us out the door. I think she was excited to have alone time with her favorite aunty.
We got to the hospital around noon and they admitted us into this HUGE suite. It was GIGANTIC! After all the paper work and blood tests and IV were put in the doctor came to talk about my options. At my last apt. (The day before) Dr. Bird had said I was measuring at a 3 almost a 4. That was exciting to me because I knew Pitocin would give me the kick I needed to start labor. BUT when I was checked by the nurse she said I was MAYBE a 2. (Oh, and for the record, I cannot stand nurses with little tiny hands. They were actually bracing themselves on the bed rail to check me. I had 3 different nurses come in because the two before said they could not “find” my cervix. UM? I know it didn’t walk away.)
They had called the doctor to check me and I thought they were going to send me home. But she checked and said I was a solid 3 and they needed to get started. (Take that small handed nurses! Haha Can you tell I felt victorious!)
They started the Pitocin around 1:30 and checked on me every hour or so. The contractions kept increasing. Around 7 they started noticing Chileshe’s heart rate dropping with each contraction. They were a little bit concerned so they started coming in every 20 minutes or so to check on us. The pain was increasing but I felt really good. I was dilated to about a 5 around 8 o’clock. (Oh and by the way I prayed that my night nurse would be gentle and have nice long fingers. The LORD absolutely loves me and sent me a long fingered angel of a nurse. She was so kind and GENTLE, no bracing herself and shoving her entire arm up my hoo ha. SHEESH! The constant checks from the day time nurses were almost as bad as the delivery itself!) The nurse advised me that Dr. Hendrickson, the Doctor on call was going to come in to break my water (If I wanted that) in about an hour. She said I could either have my epidural now or after the water was broke. I decided to have the epidural before the water breaking because with Malaika, as soon as my water broke she was on her way.
The anesthesiologist came in about 20 minutes later and inserted the epidural. I was actually really nervous about it. I always have these weird fears that if the epidural worked so well the first time (as far as side effects go) then it was bound to get me the second time. Well, the first epidural did not work. I felt no numbing of pain and well, I Felt everything! You are not supposed to if you have an epidural. She kept asking me if it was working and I kept thinking it would eventually kick in. So we waited … She left the room and I started crying, I told Edwin I could still feel everything but I felt bad asking her to come back and re-insert it. I was also scared to go through the procedure again. What if I annoyed the anesthesiologist and she comes in and does a hack job the second time? EEK! Edwin calmly told me that we were paying a TON of money for this epidural and if it was not working we needed to let them know. I of course wanted to get my money’s worth. LOL She came back in and re-inserted the tube and this time it was amazing!
About a half hour later the Doctor finally arrived to break my water and put things into motion. I knew as soon as my water broke delivery would be quick. With Malaika they broke my water around 6 and I had her by 8 (ish). It was now 10:00 and I was MORE than ready to have this baby. The Doctor said everything looked clear and fine and she would be back to check on me in a few hours. As soon as the doctor left I could feel pressure and some pain in my core. I tried to relax and watch some TV (Modern Family was on) BUT I could not concentrate at all. Around 11 I started shaking uncontrollably (just like Malaika’s delivery teeth chattering and all) GOSH I HATE the shakes! Edwin made fun of me after the delivery because I kept apologizing to everyone because I was shaking so much. I think I would win the award for the NICEST woman in delivery EVER! With each Contraction came a wave of shakes. I could feel her moving down and I told the nurse I was ready to push. She had me do a practice push (I don’t think she believed that I was really ready). I gave her one push and she said… “Uh, hold on I need to page the doctor. Do not push while I am gone!”
When she came back with the doctor she was surprised that it was time already. They set everything up and said I could start pushing. I remember looking at the clock at 11:40 and I was like, “Oh Edwin I think we will have this baby today on the 2nd. “ The Doctor dashed my hopes and said ; “Well, pushing takes a while so it will probably be a little longer.”
I showed her! I pushed her out in 3 rounds of 3 pushes each and at 11:51 pm on February the second Chileshe Amyra Mwango joined the Mwango clan (8 lbs. 7 oz. and 20 inches long)! She is AMAZING and beautiful and I could talk about her for hours! They put her right up on my chest and they actually left her up there for a while. They cleaned her and I was able to just look at her beautiful features. It is so rewarding after waiting for so long and all the hard work you put into labor to see such a beautiful face and know that this little baby is a part of you. I tear up thinking about what a blessing my kids have been to my life, they literally change you from the moment you look into their little face. You want to BE more for them and GIVE them everything you can. Your desire is no longer selfish but abundant. Nothing can compare!