Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Months 9 and 10 - She did not get the nickname "SASSY" for nothing.

Chileshe is growing up so fast! I do not have a lot of time to blog these days because she is keeping me on my toes. There are so many new things she is doing I will try to make a clear list so I can remember later.

* Let's explain this SASSY thing, We call Malaika "sissy" and Chileshe "sassy". The name rings true for my little sassy-pants. She has a mind of her own and at only 9 and 10 months she will let YOU know if she is not please. She does not throw a tantrum the way Malaika did with just some crying and throwing herself back. Oh no, Chileshe hits you square in the face if she can! She will pinch and pull and scratch and hit and SCREAM. Most of the time this happens when you take a toy away from her of remove her from and area she wanted to play in. Lately it is happening when we take food away that she has found on the floor. MY goodness this child is STRONG! I have many scratch marks to prove it. It is a little embarrassing when we are in public. I honestly had no idea how to discipline her at first. She is so young and didn't really understand the word "NO" at this point. So i would remove her from the situation and try to keep her at arms length so she could not reach me. We are working it out now and she seems to be doing much better, but WOW, this will be excellent blackmail to tell her kids later in life.

*She is talking a lot more. She can say; mama, (addy) for Daddy, (mamaw) for Grandma), up, puppy, baby, she just started saying thank you when we give her things, and she is starting to say Laika.

* She is eating anything and EVERYTHING. We actually have to control how much she eats because she doesn't seem to know when her stopping point is. She will eat until she throws up. She is having fewer bottles now and more grown-up food. She is not a big fan of baby food, but who can blame her. Her favorites so far are strawberries and grapes and chicken

* She is crawling all over the place! She can stand up from a sitting position and walk her way down the couch and through the hallway. As long as she has something to hold onto she is fine. I think she is strong enough to walk on her own, she just has not realized it yet. I think she will be walking by the end of next month for sure.

* Sleeping habits have been ever changing. We keep talking about training her to sleep on her own BUT we are WEAK! It seems like every time we try she is cutting a new tooth or not feeling well. Then I just feel guilty. The past three nights we have been working on breaking the "three bottle a night" habit. So far so good! She has a 2 oz. bottle before we go to sleep and then she has been waking up around 7:30 for an 8oz. and then she will sleep for another hour or so. She is a fantastic sleeper.

* At her 9 month check-up she weighed 27 lb and was 31 inches long

* She is giving LOTS and LOTS of hugs and kisses! I love the hugs she gives because she will snuggle up really close and then I will feel a tiny little pat on my back. THOSE are the moments I want to remember forever!

I will go ahead an post this already before she turns ONE! Can you believe it???