Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 34- Baby Chileshe, we are almost done!

Since I left you all in suspense at week 14, I thought it was about time I let everyone in on my "never-ending" pregnancy. (At least that is what this week feels like)

I currently have 2 days left in week 34 and I am not going to be sad to see it go! I have been a sore, emotional, irritable, and a pathetic MESS this entire week. It all started when Chileshe decided to flip into position, which I am VERY thankful for since Malaika was Breech up until the end. The consequences of her flipping have brought the constant reminder to my lower back that I have a baby growing inside of me.

All whining aside I am so excited that we are nearing the end of this journey and I get to meet my sweet little baby in a few weeks! This pregnancy has been COMPLETELY different from my pregnancy with Malaika.HEre is my mental list;
* In the beginning I had a lot more morning sickness

* With Malaika I had bleeding and a lot of complications and with Chileshe I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy.

* I would say I have been a little more emotional this pregnancy. But you would probably have to ask my husband or my mom since they are the ones who have to deal with me crying.

* Had one ultrasound at 18 weeks and found out we were having a GIRL! The doctor told me I will not have anymore ultrasounds soooo we are hoping they were correct when they told us a girl. (18 weeks is a little early) If not then we have a TON of pink clothes to give away!

* Had my Rho-gam shot for the RH negative blood type around 24 weeks.

* Edwin is getting more excited as we draw near to the end. He is really excited to have two little girls!

* This baby is a MOVER and a SHAKER! She is constantly doing flips and kicks and jabs. With Malaika I had to drink Orange juice and lay down and pray I would feel 20 kicks. I have not had to do that once with Chileshe. She is awake when I wake up in the morning. When I eat she kicks, when I go to the bathroom she kicks, and when I go to bed at night she rolls around! It has been really nice to not have to worry about her and I kind of like the feeling.

* I think we have decided on the middle name...maybe? I won't say yet because we have changed our mind SOOOO many times.

* Had an AMAZING baby shower and feel so blessed by all the friends and family in our lives!

* Pretty much have everything washed and organized. We just need to set up the cradle and playpen.

* Still working on getting Malaika into her own bed. We have our good weeks and then our bad weeks. But I do kind of like having her around so much. I just miss snuggling my husband!

* So far I have not had any outrageous cravings EXCEPT: Hash-browns! For a good two weeks that was all I wanted and one night I almost cried when I burned them. LOL
Watermelon is a constant and I think it is the reason I do not gain very much weight in pregnancy.

* As of my appointment on Monday I have only gained 9 pounds this pregnancy!!! THANK YOU JESUS! The doctor told me to expect about 2 pounds per week from now on so I am bracing myself to see that scale move up.

That is pretty much all I can think of right now. I am really thankful for my husband and his hard working bones. I have been able to be a stay at home mom throughout this entire pregnancy and I feel so blessed to have this time with Malaika and time to focus on school. I graduate this December with my Bachelors in Healthcare Administration and then I am looking at a Master's program in Public Health to start winter term. God just keeps providing for our family and helping things work out!

I will try to keep everyone posted in these final weeks and also post pictures ASAP!