Thursday, April 5, 2007

Week 9 - complicated

This morning I woke up around 4:20 to get ready for work and I went into the bathroom. I discovered that I was bleeding. Not a lot of blood just spotting like at the beginning or end of your period. Kindof pinkish brown. So I got scared and called for edwin. Luckily my mom is here and she was able to calm me down. So we went to the emergency room and they saw me right away. They looked at my cervix and said that the blood was just below it. It was a tiny little blood clot that she was able to clean up with just one q-tip. She said that there was no sign that the cervix was open and they put a catheder in and tested my urine. everything came out okay. They also did a blood test and found that I have an RH negative factor in my blood which meant that I had to get a shot (of something I do not know the name of but you can look it up online) I guess what this blood factor does is if crossed with the RH plus (which the baby might have) Then your body could start poducing antibodies against furture babies. It will not efect this pregnancy but i would effect furture pregnancies. So I have to have a shot now and then when I deliver. this shot is supposed to stop the signal to your body to create anti-bodies. So I came home and did not go to work and laid down all day. Then around 5:30 this evening I started to bleed again. UGH! So I called the OB dept and the doctor said this is normal and I should relax and come in first thing in the morning. she told me if I start to bleed heavy with clots then I should come to the emergency room ASAP.. SO I am siting here trying to keep my mind off of it but I decided I would Blog so that I would have this to remember.
Please pray for us!

Thank you Lord for this day and for everything you are doing in me. Lord I pray that you would prepare me for whatever your ultimate plan is. I pray that I would have a healthy pregnancy and that my health will stay strong. I thank you for this blessing of life and I pray that you would keep me strong during his hard time. Love you Lord


Kylee said...

I wish that I could call you right now, but I am sure you are sleeping. Well maybe not, but still. I am sure that everything is going to be fine and God is going to take care of you and the baby.
It is so weird that you have the RH negative because Matt and I were just talking about it this evening. It was one of his test questions for nursing school. So, I do know all the details. You will be fine and I am praying for you and the baby. Love, Me