Wednesday, April 30, 2008

6 months - Lovely


These past 6 months have been the most wonderful, exciting, emotional, tiring, exhausting, life changing months in my life. I cannot imagine my life without my precious little girl. She is truly the light in my life. She makes me want to be a better person so that one day she will want to grow up to be like her mama!


I went through all of her pictures that we have taken in the past six months and I can’t believe how much she has changed. When it happens right in front of your eyes you miss some of the smaller details. I decided I would post a newborn pic of her and a recent pic to you all could see the comparison.


She is soooo beautiful!

This month has been a trying month for me emotionally. As Malaika grows and starts to discover this new world around her all she wants to do is touch it, grab it, and eat it! This poses a problem for a little one with very little coordination. She tries so hard to get to things she wants but she gets very frustrated in the process. This causes my little “Angel” to act like a two year old and throw herself backwards, pulling her arms in and screaming. Since she discovered her new voice and the reaction it has, she has made this a daily habit for anything she does not like. If I bring a bottle to her mouth and she wasn’t hungry…. THROW BACK AND SCREAM… If I have her sitting on the floor doing tummy time… SCREAM.. If I have her sitting in a position she doesn’t want to.. THROW BACK AND SCREAM… EEK! I am not sure how to handle a 5-6 month old throwing a tantrum. I tell her no. I let her cry it out every once in awhile. I try to find a new position that will make her happy. But by the end of the day I am one exhausted mama. Soooo.. if anyone has any advise I will gladly take it for the tantrum throwing baby.
I try not to get to frustrated though because I know she is just trying to get to a toy she wants or trying to tell me that she wants to do something else. I just never thought it would be this exhausting mentally and emotionally.

Now that I got that out of the way lets talk about some good things she is doing.

*Sitting on her own completely.. her wobbling is pretty much gone. She does have her moments though so I stay pretty close.

*She can stand on her own now for about a minute. Until she see’s something else and tries to reach for it. She can stand up on her own if she is holding onto something.

*When she is on the floor she will turn herself around so she is facing the opposite direction. She is also starting to roll more. If she is in a laying position she can sit up.

*She is not crawling yet but she is trying really hard. The poor thing gets so flustered.

*She turned to edwin last night and said “ dada” that was the first time she has said it! UGH! I wanted mama.. Oh well

*She can drink out of a cup. We have to be careful now when we are drinking. She is surprisingly strong and can pull the cup down.

*She likes House of Mouse. I let her watch it in the morning when I got to take a shower… it entertains her for 23 min.. hehe

*She likes to do what we call a “knee slapper” She takes her hand and hits her knee… pretty much this is an all day thing. I will have to video it so everyone can see.

*She discovered her lips and smacks them all the time.

*I am teaching her how to give hugs and kisses and she is learning. This morning I said, “Give me a kiss” and she leaned forward with her lips slightly puckered. I was sooo proud. (Believe me this is something we have been working on for WEEKS! )

*She is still not excited to go to other people. She will for a few minutes until she catches a glimpse of me. Then she reaches her hand out to me and starts crying.

*She is definatly reaching out when she wants to be picked up.

*We can no longer give her a bath in the baby bathtub… water gets EVERYWHERE!

*Her favorite song is Twinkle twinkle…This can distract her from anything. As soon as I start singing it she gets really excited and smiles really big. I even recorded myself singing so if we are in the car and she has a meltdown I can play it OVER and OVER and OVER. hehe


I guess that is enough for now.. it is amazing how much she has grown and I know I am forgetting a bunch of new things.

I thought I would also list the nicknames we have for her. Some have stuck and others have not.
For the most part we call her Lika (L-eye-kah)
Buga (Boo- gah)
Gibi ( Ji-bi )

Edwin is the one who came up with Lika and he thinks he is pretty cool. LOL!
The house is almost done soo I will be posting some before and after pictures soon. Thank you to Solo, Susanna and Chris for helping us paint the whole place! Also I will have a biggest looser update soon… noone has won yet.. 20 pounds is hard to lose! But I will tell you I only have 5 more to go!!!


Kylee said...

Greg just said "da da" yesterday for the first time. It was so sweet. He is also doing the throwing himself back thing. He isn't screaming. He kind of grunts and gets all mad. I usually just set him down. I do tell him no and there are times where I do pat his bottom not like spanking, but you know what I mean. He is also bending everywhere to grab things. It is exhausting to hold him sometimes!
Glad to hear that the house is coming along, can't wait to see pictures. Yay! only five more pounds, that is awesome. So proud of you. I have lost five and my goal is to lose ten, so I am half way there. Hope everything is well for you guys!

liz bernal-nephew said...

I can't believe your baby is already 6 months old!! It is amazing all the things she is doing already!!I loved watching her try to crawl..Take care of yourself and your beautiful daughter..

Christine said...

This is Auntie Christine in Denver saying Hi Angel Baby!! Love you!

Christine said...

This is Auntie Christine in Denver saying Hi Angel Baby! Love you! Muah!