Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer days

We have been pretty busy these last couple of weeks. Here are some of the things we have done.

* Painted the outside of the house. It had to be done before the end of June. We still need to paint the trim and finish some touch-up work but it is looking really nice.

* Fourth of July- We had our friends Nicole and Everisto over with their two daughters Lauren (5 yrs old) and Amelie (11 months old) It was really nice and relaxing to hav them over and BBQ. Lauren was even brave enough to swim in the pool.

* We bought a pool! It is about 4 ft deep and it has been so nice on the really hot days. We have been trying to get Malaika used to it but it is not her favorite

* Went to LaGrande- This was a nice trip. Susanna and I went down for 3 days to go see my dad and "try" to see as many friends as we can. I decided that next time I am going to let people come to me.. it was so hard on Malaika to be in the hot car and drive around so much. I felt bad by the end of the 3 days she was exhausted. I was really nervous to make this trip with her because I didn't know how she would be on a 4 hour drive. Surprisingly she slept through the whole drive. I did not even have to stop. She is such a good baby. It was so nice to see my dad and Cindy. Malaika really likes Cindy. It is always good to see my dad interact with her (She is still not to sure about him.) We are hoping to make the trip again in September so for those o you I didn't get a chance to visit maybe we can see you then!

* When I got back from LaGrande I was making dinner when someone knocked on the door. It was our next door neighbor and she wanted to invite us to a cookout that they were putting together for a few of the neighbors. It was on Saturday evening and we told them we would bring some pie. I was really excited to meet the rest of the neighbors since we have not lived here very long and I have not been brave enough to go meet them.
We went there around 6 and they had set up a swing for Malaika and had some baby crackers for her to eat. (Most of our neighbors are elderly so they all LOVE malaika and think she is the best thing ever) It was fun to get to know all the different personalities. It is also nice to know we are in a neighborhood that is safe and fun and the neighbors actually care about eachother. Around nine they wanted to set off some leftover fireworks. Talk about "leftover" There was about $100 dollars worth of fireworks and they lasted for over an hour! Malaika is not a big fan of fireworks yet, so edwin had to take her inside. It was a really fun night and I am looking forward to more of them.

*This week has been pretty uneventful. We have ben trying to organize the house still and put some finishing touches. I think we will never be done with that. Today I am taking Malaika for some more professional photo's. I love living in a big city there are so many free lance photographers wanting to get more baby photo's in their portfolio's so I get killer deals. Today We are going to a free session in greshem and she will give us one free 8x10 as well as unlimited online photo's that have a lower resolution. Which is perfect for us because we don't really print the pictures. I will post some of them for everyone to see.

*OHHHHH and the last thing
I decided to go to an advisor because I have been taking a lot of random classes while taking my nursing pre-requisites. Turns out I had 99 credits just with PCC which is enough to get an associates degree!!!!! So all I needed to do was fill out some papers and I need to take it in and pay 10 dollars and I will get the certificate! This was such a blessing to find out. I felt like I have been in school for so long with nothing to show for it.. but now I will have something to put on my resume! Hooray! I will also be able to apply for 4 different nursing schools in the fall.. so PRAY that I get into one of them.

I will post Malaika's 8 month post this weekend. Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!


Lisa said...

I'm so bummed that I missed the opportunity to see you guys ... and at the same time, not, because you were so very busy. I loved, loved, loved the pictures of miss m that you put on your myspace page - she certainly takes after her gorgeous mom!

liz bernal-nephew said...

WOW it sounds like you have been super busey!! Thank you for the baby stuff you gave me!!It sucks I didn't get to see mom sure did love getting to see your little princess!LOL. I am glad life is treating you so well! I love the new pics you posted of the Diva!lol. She sure is beautiful!