Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Busy weekend!!!

August went by as quickly as it came. We have done something every weekend and I tried to take pictures of it all. (It has also taken me so long to post this that I am forgetting all the details!) Here is one weekend...

Portland City Fest- (Friday)
Loius Palaou (No Idea how to spell) was downtown at the waterfront and they had all sorts of things to do. My mom and I decided to go on Friday afternoon so we could see Bob and Larry from Veggietales.
PhotobucketWe decided to park at the Lloyd Center so we could take the max downtown for free. We tend to forget that we live in Portland and they are ALWAYS doing construction. We boarded the max at 2:00 and then had to get off at the convention center (which is really only a few blocks down) THEN we had to board a shuttle bus (With a stroller full of stuff for the day).
There were hundreds of people trying to get on the bus. People we actually jumping over the stroller to get on the bus before us. Something triggered my almighty mommy powers and I started yelling at people. LOL Most of you know I am pretty much the nicest person. BUT when your child is in danger there is something that bursts! Needless to say.. we got on the bus (with a few weird looks) hehe. When we FINALLY got downtown it was already 4:30 and we had missed the Bob and Larry show. But Kirk Franklin was going to be leading worship at 7:00 so we still had something to look forward to.
PhotobucketIt was pretty amazing to see all the people gathered together for a Christian event. Newsong Church started the evening off with Praise and worship. Pastor Richard is such a good singer and he has such a heart for the city. We lucked out and found a spot in the front so we were able to see the stage really well. Kirk Franklin has WAY to much energy!

The next day (Saturday) Susanna and I decided to go to the beach. Edwin had a lot of homework so he did not want to come along. I was a little sad because I wanted him to be there for her first time in the sand but it worked out that mom came instead so we had a nice Girls day out.
Unfortunatly we picked the busiest day to go to the beach. It was the Hood to Coast relay and there were THOUSANDS of people on the beach.
PhotobucketWe couldn't even find parking (In seaside) so we parked all the way down in the Safeway parking lot. When we got to the beach we even had to do a bag check with security. There were tents set up as far as you could see and they even had a band set up for a concert.
PhotobucketBUT we did have fun with
Malaika. She was able to ride the carousel and enjoyed it. She LOVED the beach, she is a beach baby for sure. She loved the water and the sand and didn't want to leave.She even crawled on the beach for a while until she found something nasty and tried to eat it. After the beach we had to find a place to clean the sand off of her. So we went to the Best Western on the beach and tried to clean her off in the sink. Unfortunatley I clogged the drain (WHOOPS!) so we got out of there as quickly as possible. haha
Edwin and I made Sweatshirts on our honeymoon they have MWANGO on the back so I decided to make Malaika her very own MWANGO sweatshirt. I will have to take a picture of it and post it. I always take to many pictures so hopefully you won't get bored. =)

The next day (Sunday) Susanna and I had planned a girls day and had apointments to get our make-up done at MAC. We have both become MAC addicts and I pretty much have every color of eyeshadow made. We talked my mom into coming with us and of course Malaika had to go (The ladies at the MAC counter LOVE her) We also went to a movie called the House bunny. It was definately a chick flick. Edwin was glad he didn't come along.
I am very thankful for my mom and susanna they definately help me out a lot and entertain me when I am needing it! THANKS GIRLS!!!


Kylee said...

She is so cute. Glad that she had fun at the beach. Hope things are going well for you guys!

Lisa said...

I want a girls day out!! I admit, your mom has me stumped. And, it's a moot point - we ended things today. On my old wedding anniversary. I hate September 18th. ;)

Sarah's Blog said...

well... I am sure the person she was thinking is still single if your even slightly interested we can give him a call... here are your final clues...
*loves to give hugs
let us know if you would like the hook up
we would LOVE a girl day with Lisa! We could drink some coffee and talk about how much we hate that dreaded anniversary date!
I love you and am always here if you need to chat

Lisa said...

WOW. Leave it to a Bingham to come up with that one!!!!! I told God I was done for a little while, so I'll pass for now, but thanks SO MUCH for the thought!!! I think I'm going to be down around your way during Christmas and we will DEFINITELY have to get together then!