Friday, February 27, 2009

The doodlebug


Well, she is now 15 (almost 16 ) months old..and getting smarter everyday. I have been so busy with school and re-modeling the house that I have not had time to update on the new things she is doing. Sooo today I am taking the time and I hope you all enjoy.


Here is the LIST: (There might be some repeats from previous months but... you get the point)


* She is saying sooo many words now I don't even think I can remember all of them. Here are a few;

-Please.. She even says "Oh, please" ... If she wants something I will ask her, "What do you say?" and she responds with "Please!" SOOO CUTE!

-Thank you




-Ice (She loves ice chips)



-what's this?

-bye bye

-nite nite

-PUPPY! - and she barks


-She knows what sounds a puppy, cat, horse, cow, and chicken make

-She can say papa for grandpa

-she says bama for Obama and gets really excited whenever she see's him on TV or a picture of him.

- down

- Dora

- Barney

- She says cool now for everything new she see's .. "Oh cool"

- she also says Oh WOW! Whenever she see's a toy she wants

- she says HI


there are more but I can't think of it.. It is pretty amaing to see this new language develope. she also has a language of her own and she will babble your ear off. (Just like her mama).
She loves cell phones and laptops and anything with buttons. She will throw a huge tantrum when we take the phone away from her.. but she is learning that tantrums are only embarrasing (for everyone.. haha )
Whenever she throws a tantrum and my mom is around, my mom gives her this look and Malaika tries to hide. It is pretty funny.

She is currently wearing size 12 months -2t depending on the brand and size 5 diapers still.
And on our scale at home she is 28 pounds.

We updated her room to a "big girl" room. I will post some pictures as soon as I finish my finals on Saturday. I am excited to finish the little touches and then get her sleeping in their consistantly.

Sorry it took me so long to update... I will try to be better!
Hope everyone is doing good.


liz bernal-nephew said...

I CAN NOT WAIT TO MEET HER!!!!!!!!! She is so cute!!Tristan throws a fit if he sees me on the phone..or even complete strangers in Walmart with their cell I can not wait to see you guys..Hopefully everything goes as planned and we can meet up!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

She's perfect! Sounds like you've been busy ... did you get into the nursing program?