Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Malaika would like to announce...

That she is going to be a "Big Sister"!! We are sooo excited and cannot wait to add to our little family. If you ask Malaika what is in mommy's belly she will tell you, " A BABY" and then she will walk over and start saying hi to my tummy and giving it a kiss. So cute! Then if you ask her what is in her belly she will say, "Baby Andre!" (That is her cousin who is the only baby she knows.) It will be fun to see how she reacts as my tummy gets bigger and when the new baby arrives.

So far this pregnancy has been just as complicated as Malaika's except I have had MORNING SICKNESS. UGH! I found out I was pregnant in the beginning of February.(We had taken Mirena out the day before Thanksgiving) I contacted the doctor and they set up my first apt. for March 24th for the vital history and blood and urine test and April 13th for the first Doc apt and the fetal heartbeat (can't wait for that!)
At about six weeks I started to bleed (surprise surprise) and I felt all those emotions coming back from my pregnancy with Malaika. I contacted the doctor and she wanted me to keep an eye on it and contact them if it got worse. I waited it out but a few days later I was still bleeding.I decided I needed to just ask the doctor if I could at least get my Rogham since I am RH negative. They said they would see me the next day to check everything out.
After my exam she said the bleeding was not coming from the uterus and everything looked okay. (PHEW) So I was sent off with the message of only call if I have cramping accompanied with bleeding. (yada yada)

On March 24th I had the usually prenatal screening, blood work, urine, and medical history questionnaire. Everything went well and they gave me the packet of info with all the things you can and cannot do while you are pregnant. BUT a few days later they called and said I have a UTI and I will need to take medication for that. (yippee)OH well I will take it all and enjoy these precious prego moments.

I am currently 9 weeks and 2 days and according to the online calculation I will be due October 30, 2010. (Which is a week behind Malaika's original due date which was Nov 4th, 2007)

So there you have it, all up to date! Hopefully the second trimester will be a little kinder to me and I can relax and enjoy. Poor Edwin, I am not sure if he wants to have anymore kids after this round. (hehe)


Lisa said...

I would like to announce, "YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" You guys make BEAUTIFUL children. I hope you start feeling better soon, though. Are you free next Friday, maybe (4/9) to get together for a little bit during the day?

Sarah's Blog said...

YAY! We are sooo very much excited! I just finished my medication for the UTI and I think it was the culprit for most of my sickness. I feel slightly perky today and I would LOVE to get together with you on Friday!Where and when would you like to meet. I have a GPS so I am game for just about anywhere. =)