Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chile- 1 month - gentle spirit

Well, here we are at 16 weeks (4 months by my calculations but Edwin says we have to wait until February 2nd. Chileshe is growing and developing so fast I can hardly keep track.Here are the month break downs. I hope I can remember everything!

1 month -
This time was spent getting to now her and basically just watching her while she slept. It is amazing how much time you can kill just staring at a newborns face. They make so many cute faces and little grunts and coo's that you just want to remember every minute.
Adjusting to two kids was not as difficult as I thought it would be. My main concern before having Chileshe was that I would not know how to love her like I LOVE Malaika. I new that I would love Chileshe but I had such a connection with Malaika, she has been my sidekick for three years!!
As soon as Chileshe arrived though, there is this little compartment in your heart that grows and contains all the love you need! It is amazing and such a cool experience to love two little people as much as I love my girls!

Chileshe is such an easy baby. As a very new newborn she just needed snuggles and food and diaper changes. If she
cried you knew that one of those things were needed. The rest of the time she was sleeping and could even sleep in
her cradle during the day! (WHAT!?) I was dedicated to
breastfeeding this time around and really wanted to give it
a try. For the first 2 weeks I did breast milk only. She had weekly check-ups at the doctor and by the first check-up she had already lost to much weight. We had to continue to go to appointments twice a week until she gained back to her birth weight. They said I had to give her formula as well as breast milk. I was sad but not overwhelmed like I was with Malaika. I just decided to do my best and after two weeks she was back to her birth weight. Thank you Similac!
Her sleep schedule was fairly easy.
sleep from 5-9 - wake up eat and changesleep from 10-2 - wake up eat and change
sleep from 3-7 - wake up eat and change
sleep 8-10 - usually sister would wake up and
start making noise =0)

This was the first 4 weeks and she was also fairly easy to get back to sleep. The one thing I really noticed about her is her gentle spirit. She is SOOOO happy and easy. She did not have long drawn out cries and basically just calm all the time. We even took her to Red Robin for Malaika's family birthday dinner and papa's pizza for her friend party and she never cried once. Just slept... it was weird LOL

She was sooo tiny and dainty and BEAUTIFUL!

Malaika has adjusted so well and LOVES being mommy's helper. She is even willing to help with diaper changes. She gives Chile lots of kisses and loves to touch her face. She is such a good big sister!
The biggest adjustment for us has been WHERE to sleep. Malaika still sleeps in our "big" bed sometimes and we had tried to adjust her to her toddler bed before Chile came.
The first night home she was NOT okay sleeping in her toddler bed. She wanted in on all the action and baby "fun". SO I ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room with Chile and Malaika and Edwin sleep in the bed. (uh hmm... she is 4 weeks old and I am still sleeping on the couch.... We are sooo not good at the independent sleep thing)

I dream of a day when Edwin and I can sleep in our gigantic bed all to ourselves and dream sweet un-interrupted dreams... HA!

Stay tuned for month two, hopefully before she is a year old.


Lisa said...

It just does not surprise me at all that you and Edwin would have happy, sweet, smiley, calm, gentle little girls. You're amazing parents!