Saturday, May 5, 2007

Week 10,11,12

Hey all~
Did I mention that I am horrible at blogging on time. Sheesh! Well I am going to try to remember eerything and keep you up to date on what has happened (I am writing this when I am now 14 weeks a long but bear with me)
Soooooo... We left off at the complications I was having in week nine. I had called the doctor because I had some more bleeding. The next morning I went in to see the doctor and she checked everything out and told me I was fine. She said she wanted to do an ultrasound just to make sure the blood was not coming from the uterus. So they sent me off and gave me the number to make an appointment with a sonographer. The said they could get me on Tuesday which worked out perfect because my actual FIRST pre-natal appointment was scheduled for Tuesday. I begged and pleaded for Edwin to take time off work so he could be there for the appointment and I think he was really glad he took the time off. The ultrasound was so amazing! They have this big TV that they project the image on and they have it in color. The baby was wiggling around like crazy. It was soo weird to see it in there and know that this is something inside of me that is alive! We got to see the spine and each individual toe! It was so amazing!!! After that we went over to the OB dept to get my check up. I didn't have the check-up with my regular doctor but we met a really nice nurse who was a christian and she was sooo awesome. She really made us feel at ease and I thought it was really cool that she wasn't scared to share her faith with her patients. I told her that I thought that was really cool and she said.. "what are they gonna do fire me?" LOL You gotta love her perception! They told me that everything looked good and they wanted to see me in a month.
I was feeling so refreshed after seeing the baby and knowing that it was really in there and it was healthy and strong. I think edwin also felt a little different.
The next day I went to class and was in my A&P lab when I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. Soooo naturally I found the closest one. I had started bleeding again.. UGH! But this time it was much worse it was bright red and it felt more like a period. I had thought for sure that I was mis-carrying and so immediately I started to panic. I ent back to class and grabed my phone and called my doctor. They told me they thought it was hemroids an I should go buy the medication and rest and see if it clears up. That made me mad because I knew that this blood was not coming from hemmroids. (you would think a person would know if they had hemmroids) then I had to walk back into class and let my teacher know I needed to leave and I immediatly started crying. I got to my car and felt so defeated. It was weird to see the image of the baby and feel refreshed and okay about the pregnancy only to feel worried and scared the next. I called my mom and she told me to go home and check everything out. she told me to rest and said that even if I was going to have a mis carriage there was nohing Icould do about it. I got home and felt a little more relaxed. I checked for more bleeding and did not find any. So I called my doctor back and told them I needed to be seen.
the next morning I went in and they checked me out and did another ultrasound and the baby was fine. They put me on bed rest and told me to take it east and they wanted to see me in 2 weeks.
Soooo I waited for two weeks... no bleeding YAY! until 2 days before my next appt. UGH!
But the doctor told me not to worry and I am not going to! They did another ultrasound at my last appointment and everything looked great. so that takes you through weeks 10,11,12. I hope you are not to bored. Thank you for all of your prayers and support!