Friday, July 27, 2007

Week 25- kicks!

Well, I was going to write about week 25 tonight after my ultrasound (and I still will) But there was a part I did not want to forget about. This week was so exciting! Sunday was the first day that Edwin has felt the baby move. It was actually the first day that I felt the movement on the outside of my belly. We were in bed Sunday morning watching TV and I had my hand on my stomach. All of a sudden I felt a ball in my hand.. LOL I actually jumped because it felt so weird. So Of course I was like, "EDWIN!!!!" He came and put his hand on my stomach and after a few minutes he felt a little kick! He was excited and kept his hand there for a few more rounds. Monday and tuesday I started being a worry wart because I did not feel the baby move. I try to not get worried or paranoid but it is hard sometimes. I also scheduled my ultrasound appointment at Emmanual hospital for Friday at 1:00. They said I would not have to drink any water so I was SOO thankful for that. Wed was my 22nd Birthday and it was such a nice day! Edwin got me some flowers and promised we would go get pedicures together this weekend. He is also going to get me some maternity clothes but he knows that I am picky so he is going to take me with him.. hehe
My mom got me the new Mama Bee stuff from burts bee that is supposed to be good for stretching and leg cramps. she also got me shampoo and a tank top which I LOVE! Then Susanna and Her boyfriend Vu came over for dinner and they got me a candle and chapstick and CHOCOLATE!!! I think I ate to much sugar that day and the baby was moving around like crazy.. so that took away any fears I had the previous 2 days.
THEN.. yesterday we were watching TV and I was laying on my side on the couch. All of a sudden I saw my stomach jump! LOL it is the weirdest feeling especially when you feel it and see it! Of course I called for edwin to come over and sure enough she did it for him too! He thought it was cool. LOl Then mom came over to look and .. NOTHING .. HAHAH Mom has yet to feel her move. She seems to calm down whenever Grandma walks by. hehe
Today is my ultrasound and my mom is going with me because edwin wants to save his time off for when the baby is here. Sooo I will post more tonight or this weekend about what the ultrasound was like.


Kylee said...

Sarah! I am so excited that you can feel the baby move and see your belly move. It is the craziest thing ever isn't it? I am a worry wart too! I am like he hasn't moved yet I need to go to the doctor:) My mom hasn't felt the baby kick either..same thing he is realy calm when she touches my belly.
I am excited to read about your ultra-sound!