Saturday, July 28, 2007


Yesterday (Friday July 27) I was scheduled for another ultrasound. This time they wanted me to do the ultrasound at Emmanuel Hospital because they have better equiptment. I was a little nervous going in because there are two reasons why they send people to Emmanuel (or this is what I was told) #1. they send you there if you have multiples and #2 if you are a high risk pregnancy. Soooo with me being a worry wart I was a little nervous. The sonographer was a really nice guy. He made sure to explain everything to us and wanted to make sure I was really comfortable. He zoomed in on Malaika and the first thing he said was, "Well if this is not a girl then I should not be a sonographer." LOL He took some really great picks of her feet and hands. When he was finished the Doctor came in and he did his own check. It was so cool because as soon as he finished he grabbed a different wand (or probe whatever you call those) and he zoomed right in on the baby's face it was SOOO COOL! He was using a 4D ultrasound wand and the baby's face was so clear. He even printed us a picture (which was not as good as seeing it in person but SO CUTE) He said that the baby is fine from head to toe and that my due date was November 4th. So everything is on track and going smoothly. My next appointment is August 10th and they wil be doing my diabetes test at that appointment.
So there is the update... I will TRY to be better about this blog in the weeks to come.