Friday, October 5, 2007

Week 35- sore, tired, getting excited!!!

Week 35 has come and gone...
I tried to get as much homework and house cleaning done as possible since I know that I won't have as much time when the baby gets here. I actually surprised myself with the energy I had to get everything done. I even scrubbed the oven clean! I finished sorting the baby clothes and got the 6 to 12 month clothes labeled and packed away in totes. It felt good today to look around and see everything so clean.
his week I have had a lot of cramping and back pain. My mom thought it was because I was going to go into labor. (Her guess was October 4th HAHA I guess she lost) I had my Doctor appointment today and let her know about the pain and she said that I am having contractions just not the kind that can dialate the cervix. She told me to keep a close count on the timing of them and to call her if I think they are stronger. She also had a hard time finding the baby heart beat today. She finally found it up by my ribcage... So she said next week she will check to see if the baby is breech... if she is still up there next week we will try to manually move her or schedule a C-section. For some reason I am not to worried, I feel like God has been watching over me this far and he will continue to work things out.
So that is my update this week... we are still trucking along! Ohhh and the dreaded scale.. I gained 4 pounds DARN IT! LOL So that puts me at 20 total. But the Doctor said she is really proud of me. So I will not worry!
Hope everyone has a great week!


Kylee said...

I have been having the Brax&Hicks contractions too..they are annoying. I am always waiting for it to turn into a real contraction!
I will pray that your little girl turns herself around that way you don't have to have a c-section! It would be weird if we both had to end up having one though, wouldn't it? Anyways, I am glad that everything is going well. Don't worry about the weight. I think only gaining that much is so amazing. I am in awe of you..really. Tell Edwin and your mom we say "hi"! Love ya