Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week 36- I can still shave my legs!!!

Thats right my legs are now silky smooth and I did it al by myself! (which is amazing since my balance is a little off nowadays!)

Well week 36 has been pretty interesting. At my last doctor appointment the doctor found her heartbeat up by my ribcage. Sooo she told me that the baby was possibly breech but we would need to wait until the next appt. to know for sure. Soooo all week I waited, and waited, and WAITED it seemed like the week would never end! I kept feeling her move but it felt like I have 5 babies inside instead of one so I couldn't tell if she was moving lower or higher or what. Friday finally came.. I did the doctor appt. routine. first I did the urine test. You would think this would be the easy thing because I pee at least 100 times a day, BUT NOOOOO I could barely go enough for them to test.. hehe the doctor made fun of me and said I as developing stage fright. Then I weighed... ugh... only one pound up but I am soooo over seeing that scale move. Then I went into the office and the doctor came in and measured me and then got the doppler out. She found the heart beat quick and easy in my lower abdomen. So I asked if that meant the baby is fine and she said YES!!! Whoo hoo.. nothing to worry about! THE BABY IS NOT BREECH! (feel better karla? hehe) But then she folowed that with, " I am gonna need you to get your flu shot today." UGH! Oh well at least I won't get the flu. My next appt. is on friday the doctor promised me that she would let me have the baby one of these days.
On thursday my friend Lindsey and I went to the Pass it on sale they have twice a year for new parents. This is what I like about living in a bigger city! The place was packed full of cheap NICE baby things. I bought another boppy for like 3 dollars and it is in great condition. I also got 2 of the backpack baby carriers for 3 dollars each. There were a few other odds and ins and it was soo much fun to shop! On saturday I talked edwin into going back because everything was 50% off on Saturday. We ended up buying another carseat for the honda that way we don't have to lug the base back and forth. It was only 20.00 and then we got a sound and vibration thing for the crib for 5.00. AND of course I couldn't pass up the 3 pairs of nike shoes they had left.. hehe they are sooo freakin CUTE! This baby is so spoiled.
Edwin and I also bought the highchair at target this weekend. We got the kind that attaches to the dining chair so we can take it with us when we travel and put it away when the baby isn't using it. I THINK we have everything but I still have that weird feeling (like when you are packing for a trip) that I have forgot something. But it's not like we can't buy it once she comes.

I think the coolest part of these last weeks are the baby movements. they are so REAL and I can see my stomach moving and I can actually feel her when she pushes. I like to see Edwins face light up when he gets to feel her too. I think this week has been a bonding moment for him and the baby. One night I was fast asleep and I woke up to Edwin Laughing... I was like, "Uh.. are you okay?" He said he was laughing because he felt the baby moving a lot! hehehehe I thought that was cute.

Well, thats all I can think of this week week. I will try to post another blog on week 37 this weekend so that I don't leave you all in to much suspense. Hope everyone is doing great!