Monday, November 5, 2007

New induction date...

Well some of you will be excited about this and some of you won't.. BUT I talked to my doctor a little bit ago and we are going to induce my labor sooner than monday. I really want my dad and my brother to see her and I want my family to all be here together. It means a lot to me! My dad has until the 11th off and my brother has to fly back to kansas on the 11th in the morning. My original induce date was the 12th. SOOOOO.. my doctor wants to induce me tomorrow night at midnight. That way we have time (she said it will take roughly 24 hours) She said that she thinks I am ready (I lost my mucous plug yesterday)
My doctor will not be the one delivering the baby because sh is not on call that night but that doesn't really bother me since I know that they are not going to put me with an unqualified person. So that is our update I don't know how I feel right now.. I am excited but also scared! We are really going to be parents! So keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we will be letting everyone know when she arrives!