Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week two - getting to know you

week two has come and gone and we have learned soooo much about our little baby girl. She is amazing! We are still not on a great sleep schedule yet BUT it is getting better. It is so hard to put her down I feel like I will miss out on a smile or a special face that she does sooo many of. We have visitors during the day (which we love so don't worry if you were one of them. I wil say no if we are not up to it!) so she usually sleeps through those visits and then wakes up right when they leave. IMAGINE THAT! Her time to really sleep seems to be from 12 to 4 or 5 this will come in handy when Edwin goes back to work so I can rest and clean and cook dinner. We are able to set her down now when she sleeps as long as she is in a dead sleep when we set her down. If she is not then she stirs and wakes herself up.

My milk is coming in better now I am trying to pump every couple of hours. The doctor gave me some herbs to try to increase my milk supply and that seems to be working well. We are only giving her 2 to 4 oz of formula a day now and that is starting to dwindle down. We had her 2 week appt on wed and they pricked her heel to test for any disorders or diseases. I was so nervous because they had me hold her and breast feed her while they did it. I thought she was going to think I did it to her and she would hate me! LOL As soon as they pricked her she reared her head back and her face turned bright red I quickly moved her head forward and latched her back on and she started to eat and forgot all about it. YAY! The magic of food! hehe

She has gained up to 8lbs 3oz and the doctor said everything is going great. Our next appt will be in 2 months (Jan 8th which is also edwins birthday) so it will be interesting to see how much she grows in that time.

Some of the things she did this week-

* She can follow objects with her eyes! My mom is amazed with this because she said babies don't usually do this at 2 weeks (Grandma's always think their grandbabies are the brightest.. hehe) But I do think she is pretty well developed for her age. I held up a toy and she followed it and I can move my head back and forth and she will follow me. I even held up a piece of chocolate I was eating and she watched it (I saw a little drool come out too! hehe)

* She lifts up her head and looks around. we tried to do some tummy time to see what she would do and she lifted up her head and looked from side to side. sooo CUTE!

*she holds her bottle (this cracks me upI posted a picture above) We were feeding her one night and I had to grab a blanket so I let go of the bottle for a second and there she was holding on to it and keeping it high enough for the milk to stay at the top. It was so cute! No mom we don't leave her alone like that it is just cute to watch.

*She is smiling at us when we make funny faces or when we give her kisses. It used to be that she only smiled when she was sleeping (she still does this) now she smiles with her eyes wide open!

I think that is about it I am amazed by how beautiful she is and how much she changes daily. I hope that edwin and I can be the best parents for her and teach her so many things. We love her sooo much!