Monday, April 13, 2009


I have not posted some Mwango family updates in a while so since edwin is watching th Blazers game and mom is holding Malaika, I thought this would be the perfect time.

Overall we are doing great! It has been a very busy year so far, and I couldn't even tell you exactly why it is so busy. I am still unemployed and the time is drawing near for employment. It is bittersweet because I love being home with Malaika but at the same time we need to generate a little more income. I have been looking around for daycare and I am hoping there is an opening to the one I like when the time comes. Daycare in Portland is SOOO expensive though... they range from 800 to 1500 PER month That is as much as our mortgage! The home daycares run 25 to 35 dollars a day, but then you have the worry of not knowing exactly who they are.. ugh! (I will stop thinking about it)

The house is coming together nicely. I still need to post some pictures so you can see the before and after. Edwin is always embarking on a new project. "We" (hehe) recently put in new counter tops and sinks in the kitchen and two bathrooms. We had to take a break from that construction project though because Edwin cut his thumb with the circular saw on the last countertop. Someday I will allow him to play with the saw again. =)

We also purchased a new washer and dryer that are eco-friendly... they are nice and quiet and beautiful! I never thought I would be so excited about buying appliances.

Our most recent project is the backyard. We laid down bark chips and purchased a little playhouse and slide and basketball hoop so Malaika and her friends would have a little play ground this summer. Now it just needs to stop raining so she can go out there and play!

I think I said in an earlier blog that I had applied to two different nursing schools. I heard back from them both and I did not make it into the PCC program and I was waitlisted for the University of Portland. I decided rather than wait another year to apply again, I would create a much needed back-up plan. I have applied for Concordia University's accelerated Bachelors in Health Administration. This is a 16 month program and when I finish it I will FINALLY have a Bachelors! FINALLY!!! WHOO HOO! Edwin is currently attending Concordia for a Bachelors in Business and he graduates in August. He has loved the program and all the teachers so he has been persuading me that it is the best thing for me... I happen to agree. After I have a Bachelors I can apply to OHSU's accelerated nursing program. The program at OHSU takes three years and you come out with a bachelors in nursing and a Masters with a nurse practitioners license. Which is exactly what I wanted. SO in about 5 more years I will finally be done.. SHEEESH!
At least I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

As I said before Edwin is graduating in August and as soon as he graduates he told me we are free to go to Africa.. We have looked at tickets and it looks like the last week in October and first week in November will be when we go. We have to go before Malaika turns 2, or we will have to pay for her. I am sooo ready to finally go! I will let you know when we actually purchase the tickets because their is no turning back then.

hmmm.. what else...

We finally found a church! It is called True Life Fellowship. We have only been going their a short time but we think it is a perfect fit. They are more of a home church, a place we could feel comfortable and grow in. Musonda and Holly introduced us to them and they have been very welcoming. So I guess that is another thing I will keep you posted on.

And last but not least... MALAIKA
She is now 17 months! I weighed her on the scale this morning and she is 26 pounds. She seems to be stretching out and some of the clothes she was wearing last week do not fit anymore. She is wearing a shoe size of 6 to 7 but the size 6 shoes are starting to get small. It seems weird to buy size 7 and 8 for her! She is going to have big feet like her mama.
We have been hanging out with Edwins brother and wifey (They just got married on april 1st!) and little mwila a lot and it has been sooo fun to see Malaika and Mwila interact. Malaika gets sooo excited when she see's her. Holly is due this Thursday with their little boy so I will post pics as soon as I can.

We re-did her room and made a big girl room.. Here are some pics



We now have Madagascar posters on her wall.. I guess I need to re-take..haha



Malaika changing every day... She learns a new word every day and sometimes points and uses the right word.. haha She started saying "Pee Pee" and "PooP" and "Potty" which is great since I am trying to potty train. So far she likes to flush and raise the lid... she has only pee'd in the potty one time. Our carpets need a good cleaning though.. haha

She is also a FRUIT baby she loves straberries and watermelon and apples and oranges. She also likes Avacado and tomatoes, she can eat a whole avacado by herself! We are working on breaking the bottle habit and some days are better than others. I am not going to break the binky until we get back from Africa. I need to have a mute button for those long flights!

She loves the Blazers and when we say "Nicholas" she says "BAAATUUM" It is soo cute! We are trying to find a blazers cheerleading outfit for her.

I guess thats all for now. I can sleep peacefully knowing I am semi-caught up.
I hope everyone is doing well.. Happy late Easter!


(Malaika's first slumber party with Lauren!)


liz.bernalnephew said...

Her room is supper cute!!!I am jealous you going to Africa!!Take a lot of pics!!We need to get together..Let me know if you are going to Ontario anytime soon..If I have to I will call into work just to see you and you DIVA!!lol Love you all!!Take care AND WRITE ME SOMETIME!!LOL