Saturday, May 5, 2007

Week 13- a little bit more

This week was a great week! On Friday I had my Dr. apt and everything as A-OK! They don't want to see me now until May 25th. After my apt. we drove to LaGrande. My mom is finally moving in with us!! HOORAY! I was excited to see my dad too, I really miss him a lot. I always feel so worn out when I come back from LaGrande. There are so many people I want to see and catch up with and never enough time or day light to do it all. We got in around 10 pm on Friday night and visited with my dad. this is the first time we saw each other since he found out I was pregnant. So we got to talk about that and I got to make fun of him because he is old and becoming a grandpa. I think my favorite thing to do is make up crazy names that our kids will call him. He gets so flustered! haha
On Friday we woke up early and went to help mom. Well... I sat there since they seem to think I can't even lift a feather. My friend Jana came to see me and it was SOOOOOO good to see her. I miss her so much! We decided to go to cock and bull for lunch. (I had forgotten how GOOD their food is) Her roomie Jolene (sorry if I spelled that wrong) went with us and she is such a sweet girl! I hope they come visit me soon! (they better!) After that I went back to moms apartment and stood around some more LOL. then I convinced mom we NEEDED to go to maurices. I LOVE MAURICES. I can't fit into much of their clothes anymore since I have become a curvaceous beauty..hehe but I love the jewelry and the T-shirts are longer so I like to get a couple of those. And of course the beautiful miss Jana was working and she always hooks me up!
Then we ent back and picked up Edwin and Edwin and I went back to dads for a BBQ. YUM! My dad and his girlfriend Cindy and her son Cody were there. It was great to sit in the back yard n union and eat my dads burgers. The baby didn't really like G-pa's burgers though. I had the worst indigestion all night. the next morning it was off to church. It was my moms last Sunday there and it was nice to see how much she was appreciated. My mom is such a caring person and t really showed how much she had poured into people in hat church.
I was so excited to see my friend Kylee who is also pregnant. We were able to share some of our stories. I felt like we could have talked for hours! She looks great and I think her and Matt are going to be wonderful parents. I also got to talk to Kathleen (the baby pro) She is pregnant with her fourth. I am not sure if I want to be pregnant 4 times. this pregnancy has been a whirlwind. But she also looks happy and great!
towards the end of this week I have been feeling a little more pregnant. All of my old pants still fit but they are definitely tighter and not something I want to lounge around the house in. I have had back pain this week for some reason. I think it is sympathy pains for everyone who was helping my mom move..hehe
Food aversions this week.... PORK.. it does not sound , look, or taste good! I also don't like to look at meat before it is cooked.
Cravings........MILK! I have never liked milk but I have been drinking soo much of it this week. I guess that is good since it will help the baby.
Thanks for listening and I hope everyone has a great week!