Sunday, May 27, 2007

Week 14 - strollers, playpens, and car seats OH MY

Week 14 has been amazing! I am feeling better and I have a LOT more energy. I have been so worn out with work and school I would just come home and crash. I felt like I was neglecting my husband and my home. But I felt a slight burst of energy this week and I am soaking up every minute of it.
Edwin's friend Jones (from Zambia) has just started at Multnomah Bible College. We have had him over a couple of times an it has been great to hear stories from back home and great to see edwin interact with someone from back home. Jones Family (His Wife bwalika and 2 daughters brooke-2 and maggie -10 months) arrived on Tuesday and we were SOO excited to see them. On Friday we decided we should have them over for a BBQ along with edwins brother and girlfriend (who is also prego!! YAY) So we arranged to pick them up on Friday afternoon and have them over. While edwin and I were talking a lightbulb went on in my head.... a 10 month old will need to ride in a car seat! We had not bought any baby stuff yet because Edwin wanted to wait until I was 7 months. (if you can believe it I had not complained to much) Soooo we knew they would not have a carseat yet since they just flew in and were getting situated. My heart started fluttering! BABY SHOPPING! YIPPIE!!!
We went to target and found the matching car seat /stroller that we liked. It has a little baby elephant and giraffe on it. so cute! then of course we had to get the matching playpen! LOL! It was so fun to buy the stuff and I think Edwn was excited.
The evening was so fun we talked and laughed and Musnda played guitar and we sang worship songs. It was a really great evening. I loved playing with the girls it reminded me of when I was at Newsong. I love kids! Up here people are not as trusting with their kids so I forgot how fun it is to get on your knees and play! As far as the pregnancy goes I felt the baby move this week! It was a weird feeling like butterflies. It was quick .. I wanted to feel it again right after but of course I didn't. I am sure I will feel it more in the weeks to come.