Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Week 32- Busy week

Eight months! I can't believe it! It is funny to look back and remember when I took the first pregnancy test and how shocked I was. I remember siting on the couch that night and not being able to concentrate on the TV show we were watching. I had a million things running through my head. Then here I am 8 months later and this baby is more of a reality to me than ever. I feel her move around in my belly and I try to picture what her movements will be outside the womb. I also look at my husband and imagine what qualities she will have of his. I hope she has his smile because I personally think it is the best. It is just amazing!

This week was my last week at work... I had been at the company for a little over two years. It was a bittersweet week. I was ready to be done with work and just have time to relax and get some cleaning done around the house. But I am also worried about finances. I have never been out of work. I have been able to provide half our income and we have felt pretty comfortable for the past year. I know I will be getting unemployment and that will be good I just want to make sure I do no get lazy and forget what it feels like to work. I don't want to lose the drive to work full time and go to school full time. Before I didn't have any other way that was just how things worked. (But anyway enough whining)
God worked a lot of things out. I got a retention bonus for staying until the end of work and with that and my final paychecks we were able to pay our rent until the end of January. We were also able to pay some of our little bills. This was a great feeling and we can feel comfortable knowing our biggest bill is taken care of each month until January.

Okay onto the baby stuff.. hehe
Some of the symptoms I have had this week
* a little more back pain (I lifted something wrong earlier in the pregnancy and threw out my back. Since hen it had not been right)
* Lots of cramping in my lower abdomen. Pain seemed to shoot across the bottom and up the abdomen.
* Cramping that feels like menstrual cramps (not fun) I just want to curl up in a ball
* Sorry if this is TMI BUT I want to make sure I remember.. I had a lot of leaking this week. It was more like a steady trickle.
* Baby movement is not as fast. She seems to move slower and in more stretching like movements.
* Cravings ... CHOCOLATE! I wish I didn't bu I do! Watermelon... Pizza... Coke slurpees from 7-11 ... and any type of fresh fruit
* sleeping is getting harder and harder because I cannot find a comfortable position.

Sooooo with all this cramping and the slow trickle symptoms that I was having I was glad my doctor appointment was this week. I am still rotating doctors so that I can meet all of them before I deliver just in case my doctor cannot be there. This weeks doctor was not my favorite. She was not very personable. The nurse weighed me (as usual) and I gained 4 more pounds. So my total is 22 lbs so far. Then she did the urine test... this was the weird part. Usually they take the strip and throw it away but this time she said she needed to keep it to show the doctor. They never told me why. So then I told them my symptoms and she had me undress and put on a gown ( this is also not a routine thing) The Dr. came in and didn't ask me any questions she just had me lay down and listened for the heartbeat (which was fine) she didn't even measure me. She got a swab of the inside and put it under the microscope. She told me everything looked fine and she wanted to know when my next doctor apt was. I told her it was scheduled for the 28th and she told me that was to far away. She said I needed to come in every week from now on. BUt the frustrating thing is she wouldn't tell me why. I asked her if there was anything I needed to do and she said no. I asked her why I needed to come in earlier and she said she wanted me to see the new doctor next week. UGH! Soooo of course I came home and cried. I hate not knowing why they do certain things. My mom took the morning off next week so she can go with me and give them a piece of her mind if need be.. hehe (Gotta love my mom)
So that is this weeks update. We also did our birthing class but I will write about that separately.


Kylee said...

I have been craving chocolate like crazy too! I mean I love it anyways, but this past week it is like all I want to eat!
I am sorry about your doctor's appointment. I am glad that your mom called them..:) I have an appointment next Thursday and then I think he will have me come in every week. It is exciting that it could happen really at anytime for both of us!
I want to hear how your classes went..and how Edwin did:) Love ya!

Chuck said...

oh hon, weekly appointments at this time are typical...we all had to do it....
I am so excited for you!! I can't wait to see the baby girl!!!