Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend of birthing classes

Yep, thats right! This is every husband/father to be's dream come true. hehe
When looking at our options for birthing classes Edwin and I decided to go with the weekend getaway. This was a CRAM session of birth in 2 days. We had class on Friday (Sept 14th) from 6:00 to 9:30 pm and then Saturday (sept 15th) from 9:00 to 4:00. Edwin decided this was the best option for him since he works early in the morning during the week.

When we first got there on Friday night they had us make name tags and they had a little package full of baby stuff for us. They had coupons for diapers and samples of laundry soap. Then they had usdo a little icebreaker and meet some of the other couples. It was fun to get to know the others and realize we all had a lot in common. I think I was one of the latest due dates. Most of the women were due the end of sept or the first part of Oct. Right after the icebreaker she had us watch a video on what the birthing process is. This video did not show very much it just explained what the Placenta was and how everything works together to provide for the baby. They ended the night with GREAT massage techniques to use while in labor. the guys had to practice all of them on us. IT WAS WONDERFUL! Then we switched and gave the guys a backrub. I think that was edwins favorite part. The time went by pretty fast and we learned a lot the first night.
The Second day edwin and I got there a lil late (hehe) and they had already started their discussions. She went over epidurals and C-sections and all he typical topics hat new parents have. She shared with us the pro's and cons of each and shared funny stories. Then onto the part that every couple loves! Breathing!!! She set up little stations and had us try different positions for labor. My favorite was called slow dance. The mom puts her hands on her husbands shoulders and they rock back and fourth. I liked this because edwin toook that time and told me that he loved me and he wanted to be the best support he could be. It was a special moment and really brought this whole situation to reality. We are a team and we are going to do all of this together. We also practiced the different types of breathing we need to do in the different stages of labor. This was funny at first but the teacher wouldn't let us laugh... she said we didn't have time.. hehe then she would giggle.
We then watched 3 different deliveries. One C-section, one natural delivery, and one with an epidural. They were all so informative and fun to watch. I love watching these types of things because this is what I want to do when I am done with nursing school. It was fun to see edwins expression when we saw the baby head crowning. I don't think he realized what a women goes through. When we got home he just kept saying. WOW! LOL I think it gave him a whole new perspective.
Oh one other thing they did was had us lay down on the ground and hold ice in our hands for 1 minute the guys were supposed to support us and help us get through the pain. Then we switched and the women had to help support the men while they held the ice. It was funny to watch their expressions.
Over all it was a great class and we came home with lots of information and free goodies! They also had great snacks for us while we were there.

Well Thats all I can remember right now.. I will add more if I remember later!