Thursday, August 9, 2007

Baby Shower!!!!!

Sunday August 5th was the baby shower… My mom and Maria were the masterminds behind the big event. We had it at the arbor rose clubhouse which is a VERY NICE place. Sunday morning Edwin and I slept in and I took my time getting ready. The shower was at 1:00 so I had plenty of time to beautify myself. LOL
It was a nice morning though just hanging out with Edwin. I love the time that we have together. He is my best friend and we can talk about anything. I am the most comfortable around him and I know he is going to be the most AMAZING father any kid could ever have.
Hailey and Lorie got their a little early so I got to show them around our new place. Her daughter Hailey was the flower girl in our wedding and she is SOOO CUTE! (She was also VERY helpful) We went to the clubhouse and my mom and Maria and Susanna were all busy getting the last minute touches together. Marcia (a friend from work) had shown up early and was also helping. My mom got cupcakes in the shape of a baby buggy (although we had to tell most of the guests what it was supposed to look like.. hehe but they were THE best cupcakes! ) There were about 30 people there and Edwin and I were SO BLESSED! We pretty much got everything we needed!!! I will post pictures of everything this week (our camera has been acting up)
We also got cash from my mom as well as some gift cards to target and that evening we went out and bought the rest of the big things we needed. (Like the mattress for the crib and a boppy)
The only thing we really have left to get is a swing and a breast pump. I cannot believe how blessed we are!!!! The baby has MORE than enough clothes and we got a lifetime supply of baby wipes! And a Spa baby Bathtub! We also got a gift card to Babies R Us and went and got the cradle bedding and ordered the crib bedding. It was so fun to get the cradle all decorated.
The coolest thing about the shower was my husband. The whole week he said he didn’t want to be involved because it was a girly thing. I tricked him into coming for a minute because we “forgot” Some towels to clean the kitchen and I knew there were people that wanted to see him and say hi. So he came and popped his head in and said some hello’s and then ran out as fast as he could. Then about a half hour later I received a text from him... “Hey! Would it be okay if I come back there...? It looked like a lot of fun” LOL SO I called him and told him to come back. He did and he helped me open all the presents. It was sooo much fun to do it together.
SO I want to say a big THANKS to everyone for your Support, advice, and gifts! We had such a great time and love everything! I can’t wait to have this baby and dress her up in all the clothes we got.