Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Week 27 - Blood sugar

This week was a great week! It started out with my baby shower which was amazing! Then the rest of the week Edwin and I got to shop for the rest of the stuff we needed. Edwin has vowed not to go back into Babies ‘R’ Us until the baby is actually born... hehe (I am sure we will go again) We ordered the crib bedding and are waiting patiently for it’s arrival. Once that gets here I have everything I need to finish decorating! The baby is moving A LOT this week. I have pretty much felt her in the morning afternoon and evening. She moves the most when I am relaxed at home in bed or on the couch but it has been so amazing to feel her little movements inside. She still has not moved for my mom. Every time she puts her hand on my stomach there is a relaxed feeling that comes over me and the baby doesn’t move. LOL! Mom said that I will appreciate that when the baby has been crying all night. Grandma will come in and sooth her to sleep.
On Friday I had my glucose screening… not the most exciting thing in the world but not as bad as I made it out to be. I had to drink this syrup solution that tasted like lemon lime soda without the carbonation and then I had to wait an hour and have my blood drawn. I got a call yesterday (Monday week 28) and they told me that my levels were a little higher than they like so I need to go in for a 4 hour blood sugar test. I scheduled the appointment for tomorrow (wed) and I have to fast for 12 hours before with only water. Then they will take a blood sample right away to see what my levels are like without food. Then I will drink the “OH SO LOVELY” syrup again and then they will take my blood every hour after that for three hours. I am prepared to be bored out of my mind! But at least I will know for sure what the blood sugar levels will be like. So I guess I will keep you all updated.