Friday, August 24, 2007

Week 29- spider bites

Sooo week 29 (Sunday) started out with a little bump on my leg... I left it alone and brushed it off as nothing big and went about my day. On Monday that bump became the size of a golf ball. It was also purplish and very sore. I tried to put a warm wash cloth on it and thought maybe it was a pimple that was infected and if I put a warm washcloth on it then the infection would be drawn out. By Wednesday it has spread deeper in my leg and there was a rock hard center about the size of a plum. I was getting a little worried because about 2 years ago I had an abscess on my spine and it started out similar to this. (Not a fun experience) SO I decided after work I would go to the doctor and see if they could drain it or do something with it. (It was getting harder to walk because of the throbbing pain) The doctor looked at it and decided to try to cut it open and drain it BUT (sorry if you have a weak stomach) when she lanced it nothing came out it was just blood clots. She asked me if I had a spider problem and I said I didn’t think we did since I have not seen or killed a spider yet in our new house. She said that if it was an abscess then their would be stuff coming out... but with a spider bite it is usually just blood clots and some liquid (poison usually) SO she left the cut open and bandaged it and told me to put a hot pack on it and elevate my leg all day the next day to see if anything would change. She also put me on a medication called cephalexin (she promised it would not hurt the baby) this is supposed to kill any virus or infection inside the body. I am supposed to go back in 2 days (Saturday) if I do not feel any better and if it is still swollen.
So today is Friday and it is still swollen and still about the size of a plum. I am praying it will go down by tonight so I don’t have to worry about it.
Other than that the baby seems to be doing fine… Since I was off all day yesterday I had more time to think about her and think about how life will be like. I am really nervous about the delivery and having the responsibility of a baby. But I have an amazing husband who is there to support me and I know he will be a great help and an amazing father. He is always there to alleviate my fears… (And it seems I have had a LOT of those lately.) This baby is one loved little munchkin!
OHHH we also got an email letting us know our crib bedding is in. YAY!!! So we are going to go pick it up tonight and try to set up the crib!! I will take some pictures and post them in my myspace! Week 30 here I come!!!