Monday, August 20, 2007

Week 28- The longest week EVER!!!

This week started out with a call from my doctor… They wanted me to come back in for another glucose test. This time I needed to schedule the appointment for 4 hours with the lab and I needed to fast for 12 hours before the test. I decided on Wednesday and I took the day off because I knew that with my nerves and also an empty stomach I would not be the best person to be around. My appointment was scheduled for 8:30. I got there around 8:15 to get checked in. They took me to the back and drew my blood and then made me drink the syrup again. (This time they gave me Orange flavor... I liked it a LOT more) I got done drinking the syrup at 8:21 so they scheduled me for 3 more blood draws in the next three hours (9:21, 10:21, 11:21). While I waited I was not allowed to eat or drink anything and I had to stay in the waiting room. I was BORED out of my mind!!!! But time actually went by really fast and the lady that did my blood did a VERY good job! I left the lab around 12:00 and by that time I was VERY hungry and a little sick from the pure sugar drink but I didn’t want to get fast food ( all I really wanted was honey nut cheerios… hehe ) I decided before I went home I would run to Target to get laundry soap. BAD IDEA! By the time I got the soap I was so light headed I went straight for their food isle. I grabbed some animal crackers and tried to eat some but I was not feeling any better. So I decided to go pay for things and then hurry out to the car. By the time I got to the car I was sweating so bad (probably from nerves and the 90 degree weather) I jumped in and just sat there hoping I would be okay to drive home. A few minutes later I started driving home and when I got home I ate a bowl of cereal and then went to sleep... I slept for a good 3 hours and felt SOO much better. But that was sure a scary experience.
I had to wait for 48 hours before the results came back and those had to have been the SLOWEST 48 hours of my life. On Friday I called the office and they said the results look normal and I am A-OK!!! Whoo hoo! I was so much more relaxed after that. Edwin was probably grateful because I was sooo cranky the whole week.
Over the weekend Edwin and I did some more prepping for the baby room. We found a dresser and re-painted it to match the other furniture. We picked up a baby monitor and some plastic drawers for storage. It is so fun to see the room coming together! The crib bedding should be here by Friday so I am looking forward to that.
The baby has been moving around a lot more this week! I dream about her moving too (not sure if she is really moving or if I am just dreaming about it) In the middle of the night I have these crazy dreams about her doing flips in my belly. It is a cool feeling and I always wake up feeling excited! On another note…Fresh fruit seems to be the craving of choice. I have been eating so many Mangos and plums and watermelon! I also crave milk and honey nut cheerios. (That’s all I have been wanting for dinner) I am glad it is not chocolate I am craving because then I would be in trouble.
I started a new workout routine. I really want to be in a little better shape for the delivery. I know I cannot do anything major right now to change things but I am doing a pregnancy Yoga tape and taeboe everyday. It has really helped my back and the little aches and pains I get in my legs. I also sleep better at night! Well that’s about it for this week Edwin and I are getting more and more excited to meet this little one! It’s not to far away.