Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Beautiful Day

As most of you know Portland rarely has beautiful days in the winter months… well I got to experience one! YAY!

We decided since it was so nice outside we would take Malaika to the park and enjoy some much needed Vitamin D. The day before we had done an indoor shopping trip to Washington square and mommy spent WAY too much money. We got a really cute sun hat and some new shades for baby so I knew that this wonderful sunny day was the perfect day to use them. When we first got there I think she was a little shocked… she looked around and then made funny faces when the sun would get in her eyes. We sat on a blanket for about an hour and then we decided she should probably go inside. It was fun though to see her reaction to the birds and the grass (she wanted to eat it of course).

I am really amazed everyday when I look at her… I am first of all amazed that she is a part of both Edwin and I. (I am also amazed that I did not have to pass a major exam or study really hard to create her.. hehe No dirty jokes here!) Secondly I am amazed at how she is developing. Everyday something new happens and she does something that I would never expect a baby to do. She has the biggest smile in the world (I am so blessed) She is a happy baby in the morning and sometimes in the evening. =) I am so thankful that God has blessed us with her.

Edwin has been home this month so that has really helped us relax a little more and have some great family time. I don’t want to post too much here because I want to post on her 4 month blog but I thought I would share this with you all!


Kylee said...

I love warm sunny days! We should be in town that weekend that you guys are thinking about coming. We will be in Ontario the 24-26 of March.
She is so dang cute in those sun glasses! I want to meet her and give her a big kiss!