Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sooooo... we have not really told a lot of people yet (No Karla I am not pregnant again..hehe) We are buying a little house. HOORAY! We wanted to wait to tell everyone because the paper work was not final yet. But we signed all the papers today and will be closing next week. We will get to move in on April 27th!! There is some work that needs to be done but edwin and I are sooo excited to have a place to call our own. It is 3 bedroom 2 bath and it has an AMAZING deck off the back. It has a little yard and it is by a creek. I will post some pictures of the outside now and then I will do some before and afters of the inside in a couple of months.




Kylee said...

Love your 4 month post. I can't believe that you guys have bought a house! That is so exciting. Matt is really wanting to buy a house, but I keep holding him off because we need to save more for a down payment. Can't wait to see more pictures. How much fun to really have a place of your own to transform!
Congrats on losing the ten pounds. That is so awesome! It is nice to see that reward after working so hard you know. I hope you win the money:) Don't tell your mom I said that though!
Think about you a lot and thanks for the comment. Love you guys!