Thursday, March 27, 2008

Biggest loser update/school

Okay this will be my final blog of the night.... I have lost 10 lbs so far!!! YIPPIE! I think I am in the lead but you never know who will surprise me. Our deal is.. whoeever wins 20 lbs first gets 20 bucks from the other two.. Wish me luck!

Also a quick update on school.. I just took the second anatomy and got a B!!!!!! WHOO HOO! This next term I am taking the third anatomy and then I will take microbiology over the summer. Next winter I will beable to apply for the nursing program. I am so ready!

Edwin is a busy bee with school right now. He is currently taking his nursing pre-req's at PCC. But he is also finishing his Pharmacy tech stuff through Penn Foster online. Also this Spring term he will be starting at concordia university to finish his bachelors for business. I don't think I could handle everything he is doing but he seems to be doing great with it so far! I am so proud of him!!
Alrighty.. Now that you are all caught up in our lives I am going to bed! Good night!


Lisa said...

O, but who do I vote for since I love you all? I vote for Malaika! To, er, be the ... cutest ... since she shouldn't lose any weight! (How does Edwin keep up with himself?) And, I would LOVE to put a link to your page on mine, but not without you saying it's ok. No way, Jose. (That's me asking if it's ok). LOVE to you and your crazy household. Did you guys get moved yet?