Thursday, March 27, 2008

Malaika Mwango! 4 months old!!!


Sheesh... its almost time to post her 5 month blog! Life has been amazingly busy and I have had very little time to do anything! But Malaika has been growing and changing as each day passes.

She had her 4 month check-up last week and she was a trooper! I was so thankful that my friend Jessie could come with me and hang out. I always get flustered when she has to get shots.
Poor Malaika still has thrush... that stuff is the devil! So she had to get thrush medicine and her three shots in each leg and some medicine in the mouth. When we got home she was a little irritable but did good. Then the next day she crashed! She slept for most of the day (I got soooo much housework done!)
Her stats at the doc office were ..... 15 lbs 10 oz, and 26 1/2 inches long chubba wubba!
she has out grown all of her 3 month stuff and I just started pulling out the 6-9 month stuff. I can't believe how many cute clothes she has!!


Things she does that make me laugh:
* When she coughs... she farts... that will ALWAYS make me laugh
* She likes to suck on her fingers... but then she sucks them to hard and chokes herself
* She makes funny expressions when eating greenbeans! (We did too when we tasted them.. YUCK!)
* She is learning how to fake cry
* She is gigglin!!!! When we tickle her to much and she can't giggle anymore she does this highpitched scream.. then she lets out this sigh of relief when we stop.
* If you sit her in one place for to long the seat will be covered in drool. We thought bibs would work.. but they don't.
* She likes to play ith the remote and gets really excited when it comes close to her. She breathes in and kicks her legs.. so cute!

I think my favorite time is in the morning when we are just waking up. She likes to snuggle just like me and we can spend a few hours in bed just snuggling and "telling secrets" I hope that as she gets older this can be a tradition of ours.

Some things that don't get us to excited....
* She trys out new crys every once in awhile.. this girl can scream
* She is starting to recognize people who are not her mommy... She then trys out one of her new crys. This can be very stressful when mommy has a final to study for.
* She pretty much wants to sit up all the time and do what we are doing.. including grabbing our plates and bringing them to our lap!

Some new things :
* She is still going with the letter B... and then spits all over everything while trying it out!
* She can now stand and swivel around in her jumper. She can spin the ball and she knows how to get the music to play by pushing the little keys.
* She is practicing piano and guitar with daddy... It is interesting to watch her get used to being around them. The first day he put her on his lap she just looked at the keyboard and didn't really do much. Now when he puts her up there she leans forward and presses down on the keys.
* She is eating rice cereal and a little veggie here and there. I am still BF her but she is getting the majority of her food from Our friends at Similac (thank goodness I am able to get WIC)
* She is starting to respond when we talk to her.. I will say something to her and then pause and she will make a noise back.. then she will pause and I will do it again. It is pretty fun.
*she is still in size 1-2 diapers.. but we are moving her to size 3 because Costco doesn't have reg size 2.

All in all it has been amazing and we are learning new things every day. I have my days when I am stressed and need a break.. But then I have my days that all I want to do is play with her and spend time snugglin. I can't think of a better way to spend my days! (well.... I can't think of a better way to spend most days.. hehe )

I hope everyone is doing great.. I will be writing a few more blogs about some other stuff going on in our lives so STAY TUNED...


liz bernal-nephew said...

I missed reading about your lil diva! She is so beautiful!! I can't believe everything that she has learned all ready!!I can't wait till it is my turn!!