Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Week 30- ups and downs

Week 30 was a pretty busy week for me… I was taking medication for the spider bite and I am happy to say the swelling has almost disappeared. One of the wonderful side effects of the medication was (sorry if you didn’t want the details… BUT this is my reality… LOL) a yeast infection. So I went from miserable to even more miserable. Luckily I finished the medicine on Wednesday and my doctor’s appointment was scheduled for Thursday. This week’s doctor’s appointment was a roller coaster ride full of uppers and downers.

I was excited to go this week because they are starting to rotate me with the different doctors so I can meet each one in the event that my doctor cannot be there for the delivery. I personally am not attached to my doctor so I was excited to see who else they had and if I would click with any other. This week was Doctor Bennett and I LOVED HER!!! I will probably ask to switch to her. She was a little more relaxing and answered all of my questions without rushing me out the door. That meant a lot especially with all the questions I had.
When I first got in they weighed me (This always makes me nervous) BUT I about fell off the scale when she said I had only gained 1 pound!!!!!! Talk about a mini relief! So far the total weight I have gained is 18 pounds which is good. The Doctor would like me to only gain 15 – 25 total so I have been trying to watch my cravings and make sure I do a little bit of exercise each day. Next they had me do the urine sample which came back okay. For this appointment I had so many questions I made a list. I was excited when I asked the doctor if she could answer them she pulled up her stool and said she would love to. (You have to understand my actual doctor tends to roll her eyes and seems impatient)
I asked about my RH negative blood type. When they diagnosed me with it they told me I would need another shot at 28 weeks. So I wanted to make sure I got one. They set it up and did it right away (however they did it in the butt muscle… not what I expected. LOL) Next I asked her about the medication I was taking for the spider bite and the side effects I was having. She confirmed, and prescribed me an anti-fungal cream to use for a week and that would clear everything up. I also had just basic questions about Braxton hicks and what they felt like and when the baby is supposed to flip (She said they will start checking that at 36 weeks) Overall it was a very good appointment and I was so excited when I left. Oh... and the baby’s heartbeat was 144 and I measured at 30 CM so I am right on track!!!

The Nursery is completely finished and we have purchased everything we will need. This is a huge relief to both Edwin and I because I only have 2 more weeks until I get laid off at work and we know that we will have to tighten our money and make sure we have enough for bills and such. I love going into her room and just sit there daydreaming about what it will be like and how she will look in all of her new outfits. I also LOVE how the cradle and crib bedding turned out! I am VERY happy with it! I can’t wait for her to get here!!!


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