Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 month Check-up and IUC

Today was Malaika's 2 month check-up and what a trooper she was! She is actually almost 10 weeks so this appointment was a little late. I was excited to see how much she had grown it is weird when I hold her and actually think about it. When she lays on my stomach now she stretches all the way from my chin to my hips and her feet are almost to my thighs! What is really weird is you don't really notice it. She is still fiting into some of her newborn stuff but I can tell I am going to have to get out the tote and start packing some things away.

ANYWAY Back to her appointment...

She weighs *drum role please* 12 lbs and 2 oz!!!! They also measured her at 25 inches long. The doctor said she is in the 90th percentile. He was a little shocked at how long she has gotten. He said he wants to monitor it and see if she is just having a major growth spurt now or if she really is going to be tall. He said at the rate she is growing right now all the charts say she will be well over 6 feet! Which is weird because edwin and I are both about 5'7. I asked him if 12 pounds was to much for a 2 month old and he said no because she is very long and needed something to fill her out.
After that were the dreaded shots. I was a basketcase because I had to be there alone and I was afraid she would think that it was me giving her the shots. When the nurse came in Malaika had fallen asleep in my arms and she was so peaceful. The nurse had me lay her down on the table and wake her up a little bit. The first round of meds was in liquid form and that was comical to watch her gag it down. Then the nurse had me hold her arms down and she gave her two shots in each leg (4 SHOTS all together! I would cry too! ) The first one went in and she turned BRIGHT red. He mouth was wide open and as soon as she took a breath she was screaming!!! I kept trying to kiss her face to calm her but I couldn't do anything until the nurse was finished. As soon as she got the bandaids on I picked her up and calmed her down and then she was smiling and cooing. I guess babies forget easily.
The doctor told me all of the signs to watch for just in case she has an allergic reaction. Right now she is asleep in her swing but she keeps doing little cries in her sleep so I wonder if she is dreaming about it! Her next appointment is in March it will be interesting to see how long she is then .
I also had my IUC (Merena) implanted on Monday and it went WAY better than I expected. When I got there I was nervouse because she told me it was going to be really painful. Also I had talked to some people who had it and they said the procedure was really uncomfortable and painful. The doctor walked me through what she was doing step by step and when she told me she was inserting it I held my breath and waited for the pain..... nothing!... Then she said Ok I am done! I was like WHAT I didn;t even feel anything! I was sooooo thankful! So I am good to go for five years now unless we decided to have another baby in less time I can always have it removed. I hve to go back in 2 weeks for a checkup and then I won't see Dr. Byrd until my annual check-up.

hmmmm what else is there... Edwin and I started school this week and that has been going well so far. I can tell This anatomy class is going to be intense and I need to make sure to put as much effort as I can into it. Edwins classes are from 6 to 10 on monday and tuesdya night. This makes for a long day for both of us because he is gone all day long and I am home bymyself. then my class is Friday night from 6 - 10 and then Saturday Morning from 9 to 12. Then I have 2 other classes that are online.
Edwin and I are attempting to start a small business that will take place here and in Africa sooo if you could all be praying that it goes well and that we are doing what the Lord wants us to be doing. I am hoping it will really get going and I will beable to stay home longer. So far it seems to be working!
I hope everyone is doing well!


Kylee said...

Shots are the worst! I was glad that I actually got to hold Greg while she gave them to him. But, she was really quick. The nurse said she tries do them as fast as she can. But, Greg was done crying the minute I stood up and rocked him. They do forget easily.
I can't believe how big she is. She out weighs Greg by a few ounces and is an 1 1/2 longer than him! But, Matt and I aren't very he doesn't have much for height.
Two of my friend had babies this week. I am happy for them, but jealous because I want Greg to be small again:) I love the stage he is at because you can definitely see his personality starting to come through.
Glad that your appointment well and it wasn't painful. I am going to go back to the pill once I stop breastfeeding.
Glad that classes are going well. That is great that you guys don't both have to be gone during the day. But, it makes for a long stretch I am sure. I am looking forward to next term when I will have one online class and the rest of my classes I can chose the times.
I will be praying for you new business. What an exciting adventure. I am not much of a risk taker so I admire you two! What business is it, if you don't mind me asking?
Well I think I should go and do some homework while Greg is sleeping.
Oh is she sleeping through the nights yet? I don't think you have said if she has or not. I hope she is!
Much love to all three of you!

liz bernal-nephew said...

ok. you have been reading my blog..and i have been slacking on yours!!SORRY!! anyways i can't believe how big your lil diva is getting!! she is so beautiful!!! i can't wait to see what mine baby will look like. (five months and a little less the one week from now)
you said you guys are trying to start a business. what business? let me know how it goes.