Wednesday, January 2, 2008

6 week doctor appointment

I had my Six week Dr. appointment on the 27th. I still have four more pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight then I plan on losing a lot more! The doctor said that everything looked great and she was proud of how well I am doing. We also talked about what type of birthcontrol to use and we decided on Mirena it is an IUD that will last for up to 5 years but we can have it removed anytime if we decide to have more children (which we will.. but not anytime soon! ) I have to go back on the 14th to get that. She said it is a small procedure but it can be pretty painful so I will let y'all know how that goes. Bu I don't think anything can compare to childbirth.

It was a nice visit and my doctor was in a really good mood so we joked around and laughed. She also wanted some pictures of her and the baby and I. So it was fun to have her hold Malaika and take some pictures. I had the nurse take one with my camera phone and it turned out a little blury but it works! Ihave to say Dr. Byrd was the best doctor for me. I will continue to go to her for my checkups and for the rest of my pregnancies.