Thursday, January 3, 2008

growing growing growing - 2 months

Well she is not really two months until next Tuesday BUT she is eight weeks today and I consider that blog worthy! I have to say that being a mom is getting a lot easier! I am enjoying my timewith her during the day more and more. Here are some of the things we have been experiencing together...

* She is a noisy little thing!!! When she is awake she is always smiling and talking. The other day she was cooing so loud I couldn't help but laugh. I think she likes to hear her own voice. When she is sleeping she is always grunting or moaning. This can get a little frustrating because I am always checking on her thinking she is awake when she is actually sound asleep.

* She is sleeping in her cradle! She grew out of the co-sleeper we were using so we had to move her to the cradle andI am very happy we did. I missed cuddling with my hubby!

* She is holding her head up really well. When we went to our photo shoot with her the photographer was amazed at how well she could hold her head up and also how expressive she is.

* I play a little game with her and hold my hand above her and then go slowly toward her likea claw... her whole body tenses and she smiles sooooo big!

* She is getting used to being on her own. We can actually put her in her swing and vibrating chair and she is perfectly happy.

* She loves the car *YIPPIE* If she is fussy we get in the car and go for a drive and that usually calms her down. She also loves music I think her favorites are Tommy walker and New season. When I put those in she talks a lot like she is trying to sing with them. SO CUTE!

I have been having a lot of fun during the day with her. Edwin and mom leave around 6:30 and then I feed her and we go back to bed and sleep until around 10 or 11. Then we get up and get ready for the day and go shopping or just hang around the house.

Breastfeeding is getting a lot easier! I still don't have enough milk to pump extra but she is getting what she needs from me and we have not had to supplement as much. We did have to go back to the doctor and get her thrush medicine refilled. I am beginning to think that stuff never goes away. But it is getting easier to handle.

At her last doctor apppointment she weighed 10 lbs 4 oz... so she is getting to be a chunker! The weird thing is her newborn clothes still fit. I can tell she has grown though because the premie outfits don't fit anymore they are soooo small and I can't even believe she has grown that much! It is happening right before our eyes.

LEts see what else.... She is wearing size one diapers now and they are starting to get a little snug. I am amazed at how many diapers and wipes we go through. Luckily we found kirkland wipes from costco 15.00 for 700 of them and as soon as she fits into size 2 diapers she can start wearing the kirkland brand for those too!

Well I think that is all for this month. I can't believe how fast it goes Edwin and I start school next week so I will try to keep up on the blog... My unemployment also runs out in February so I need to make sure I have a job by then or we have our finances in order so I can stay home a few more months. I don't know how I can work fulltime and do school fulltime and still have time with the baby... I guess I need to tap into my super mom skills.

Hope everyone is doing well!