Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Holidays

It is crazy to think that the holiday season has come and gone already. It was exciting this year to establish more traditions as a family and spend some time together. Edwin requested for some time off so we had two four day weekends together in a row. My mom was also able to get the same time off so we were all home together. We decided to open our gifts on Christmas Eve and leave our stockings for Christmas day. I was excited because Malaika fell asleep and we were able to watch a movie together and open gifts and eat dinner while she slept like a little angel. She probably fell asleep for so long because of all the pictures we were taking! hehe She is probably traumatized for life! I got so many nice things this year...Edwin got me a really nice Winter pea coat and lots of scratch tickets!!! He also got me the new alicia keys cd and a nordstrom gift card and a TOASTER OVEN!!! . My mom got me an AMAZING bathrobe, some earings and socks (which I was in desperate need of). My dad also sent us our Baby's first Christmas ornament and an ornament that says First Christmas as parents. I was really excited about that because I had looked all over for one and couldn't find one that I liked. Edwin got a lot of lounge wear from mom and I. He also got a leatherman from mom and a wine chiller from me (yes we are becoming wino's (spelling) )

Malaika didn't get any big gifts from us this year (we were saving the money for her professional photo's) but she got a TON of new clothes from Grandma. Of course I loved opening every gift! My dad and Cindy also sent her an electric mobile that displays on the ceiling and rotates (it makes edwin and I fall asleep..hehe) We put in her stocking some new binkies since we can never seem to find one when we need it..LOL I also got her some wrist rattles she loves them!
On Christmas day we had Holly and Musonda and Mwila over and also another friend fom Zambia Mapenzie. Mom and I cooked Dinner (roast with mashed potatoes and green beans) and it was sooooooo yummy! I always like visiting with Holly because we have recently gone through the same thing and it is nice to just gab about it. We watched the Blazer game and then they all went home and we got settled in for bed. Malaika is starting to get on a schedule for sleeping which has been VERY nice.

For new years we pretty much did the same thing. New years eve Edwin my mom and I watched the Blazer game and then watched the countdown. I was soooo sleepy and I had had some wine and was soo relaxed that I actually fell asleep before midnight. Edwin had to wake me up at midnight to give me a kiss LOL! Susanna and her sister Hannah came over for New years day and we had a nice dinner and watched a movie. It felt good to be homebodies this year and not go out downtown. We also saved A LOT of money by not going out!

We are starting our own biggest loser competition in our house... we have not set all the rules yet but I will keep everyone posted on who is winning!
I hope everyone had a nice relaxing holiday!!